Soil mixture for indoor

I have never messed with soil as in Vermont we had great soil. I grow a couple plants indoor for myself. Now I want a higher yield. I am mixing 2 large bags of Happy Frog. I have bat guano, worm casting, fish bone meal, blood meal And vermiculite. For the two bags what would be a good mix. How much of each. Any help appreciated.

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You don’t need to mix anything in with FFHF. Its all in there already. If you want a hotter mix try using FFOF.


I use the FFOF with about 3” of cocoa core at the bottom . And I don’t feed for about 3 weeks if it’s a seedling

A little lime in the soil helps hold the ph down a bit to but not nesessary

@timmyv324, I believe that lime is alkaline and would thus raise the pH…?

Hydrated Lime will hold the soil at a neutral Ph you have to adjust from there. But the hydrated lime is a slow release and it will just assist holding the ph at 7.0 neutral which obviously has to b adjusted from there but from my years of experience I’ve never had a problem and you would only use like a teaspoon for a 10 gal pot.

@timmyv324 OOPs, forgot to mention, I am out of likes, again. Must get better at managing that.

Ah, Thanks @timmyv324, I am new to (all forms of) gardening, never heard of that particular product. I will look into it for future needs.

Like I said it just an option. You don’t need to add anything if you have good soil and FFOF is real good soil so I wouldn’t worry about it .

Thanks for the input. Sometimes you feel the need for weed. So the worst thing ever ( like running out ) never happens I need to grow more.

@merlin44 so I was in the farm and checked my lime and it’s Dolomite lime that’s a faster acting lime and a dehydrated lime for a slow release to help hold your soil at a neutral ph. Butvwith bag soil that’s really not necessary more for a home brew I guess

Thanks for the info @timmyv324. The amount of information is amazing.:cowboy_hat_face:

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It’s really my pleasure. Lots of tidbits of info here. Not all is gonna work for you either. Everybody has a different climate to fight and lots of other common issues. But that’s the beauty of a large group of different situations to gather in this great forum.

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