Soil mix question

I’m planning my first real grow. I plan to use a mix of fox farm happy frog/coir/perlite. I also bought the fertilizer kit from ILGM as well that I plan to use. Sound good so far? Do I mix the coir in with the soil or just on top as a top layer? Just need some general input.

I did a mix with my coco and fox farms ocean forrest and had amazing turnout. I used other nutrients but u can mix or layer coco needs to be watered more ythan dirt so a mix mighy be better than layering as some layers might hold more water than others

For your First time out there’s something to be said for keeping it simple unless you already have experience mixing your own growing medium.

Lots of bagged and premixed soil out there that you can just open up and use. It’s easy.

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I agree: what are you trying to do with a mixed soil? Personally I’d leave the Happy Frog alone.


Same. I see a lot of people using it and a lot of people having issues. Obv it works for someone but I doubt anyone wants it for your first time out.

It’s tough with so much info out there to keep it simple.


I thought the Happy Frog was easy to work with. I’m guessing @Myfriendis410 meant use the Happy Frog but leave it alone (not mixing in coco)


Eh maybe I misunderstood that comment but It’s never been my favorite

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