Soil mix for aussie out door


Ok cheerz i will check it out…:+1:



Mill Mud/Ash

Mill mud (or filter mud) remains after the cane juice is clarified and filtered. It contains soil from the sugarcane that enters our mills, sugars and bagasse particles and lime, which is used in the clarification process. Ash is the material that remains after the combustion of fuel (largely bagasse) in our mill boilers. These beneficial by-products are combined and distributed over farms as an organic soil conditioner and an important source of plant nutrients.


Yeah wow interesting i’m not near any sugar cane mils bummer…:+1:


Check out
Just buy their super soil n base soil if you cant be bothered prepping ur own but if u can they have lots of great organic feetilizers you can mix into soil to make a super soil so you dont have to feed the plants just water. And its good quality stuff.


I may have got the site wrong just google drgreenthumb though. I also replied to wrong person i comment above hehe sorry fellas


Cheer i’ll have a look :+1:


Gunna get all my soil mixed and preped today before work sarvo… still have to sort out some stuff for the compost tea.

I think i might sprout my beans on window sill, than put in green house for a bit then outside rather then getting a light then transitioning outside thoughts anyone…?



Tad excited prep under way, this physical labour thing is overrated might be time for an early beer…:beers::beers::beers::beers:


Good to see that you found the searles 5 in 1 . Its good stuff.


Yeah hey @mountainman1 i’m a little confussed with the amount of mychorrizal to add instructions a confusing i have prob 150 litres of soil but on instructions its a litres of water measurement & soil is like pot sizes, any tips mate would be awsome can u over do it ? Can u put it in the tea or thats a bad idea? Cheers


Hi @Budslayer, I do sprinkle a couple of the little blue cups that are inside the myco container onto my soil as a dry powder. I usually make up about 200lts of soil at a time and to this I will add 3 to 4 of the little blue cups of myco to this mix dry. You can overdo the mycos to the point that they will rob the soil of nutrients for themselves before making nutes available to the plant. You have to strike a healthy balance between too much and not enough. When making my compost teas the compost itself is already loaded with natural myco and the addition of the molasses allows them to multiply rapidly. A good compost tea brewed for 24/48hrs should have a nice layer of foam/scum on top of the water. If there is no foam/scum the mycos have used all the molasses and you will need to feed them some more. Hope this helps mate.


Awesome just what i needed to know great info as always appreciate it mate :beers::beers::beers:. Can’t wait to start my grow…:+1:


Hey @mountainman1 hope your as keen as me for winter to pass brother…lol got another rookie question for ya. With pest control/prevention do you spray say for example neem in soil when planting as a prevention?


Hi @Budslayer, I dont actually spray anything on my plants at all unless it is a last resort type situation . . I try to keep my greenhouse clean and tidy and I use pyrethrum to spray the walls and floor of the greenhouse but not the plants themselves. I have never used neem oil so I really cant comment other than what i read on this forum that a lot of growers use it and seem to have success. I keep everything as organic as possible and if I had to use a spray for bugs it would definately be organic as well. I actually have 2 white widows hibernating in the greenhouse at the moment and the overnight temps here in the mountains are getting down to minus 2 degrees celsius.They are alive but they aint liking it.


Cheers mate :+1: