Soil mix for aussie out door

Hey all think im gunna do a soil mix that will be low maintenance eg. Just watering n a bit fertlizer a long the way any sugestions was thinking organic potting mix, coco n vermiculite?

Any help would be appreciated not planting yet getting ready for just b4 spring…:+1:

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Oh by the way doing blueberry, northern lights & amsniesa… lol

Start off with a good quality organic base soil with the australian standards tick on the bag, mix in some blood and bone , some searles 5 in 1 organic plant food and some mychorrizal fungal spores like great white or something similar. Mix in some perlite to aid drainage and you will have a soil that is not too hot for young plants but will have enough nutes to keep them going for a few months at least. Fertilise periodically with searles liquid organic 5 in 1 during veg and use the same nutes during flower but with the addition of an organic bud enhancer. I use bio diesel available from most hydro shops or online… Dig some big holes or use big cloth pots and make this mix and let it sit for a couple of months before introducing plants . Supplement your liquid fertilising with compost teas.


Thanks heaps, can u get searles & mychorrizal any where or in speacilty shops?

Not sure where you are in the country but the searles products are all available at home hardware and mitre 10 stores, possibly bunnings not sure. The great white and bio diesel is available online or most hydro shops will have something similar.

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Yeah sweet i just checked awsome info appreciate it mountainman1 legend, east coast aus by the way cheers brother :metal::metal::metal:

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Blue mountains nsw .

Central coast nsw

Sorry mate got a bit paranoid lol, guess we have to be do u do outdoor or indoor out of curiosity?

little bit of both, mostly outdoors though.

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Our great aussie weather is perfect for growing i recon…:+1:

Hey @mountainman1 hope all is well mate, quick question do u use a perticular ratio for this mix? Cheers

Hey @Budslayer. I usually mix around 1 cubic meter of soil at a time. about 50% of the total consists of my homemade compost To this I would add 3 25/30lt bags of organic potting soil , the best quality you can afford.I also add a 1.5kg bag of blood and bone meal and some mycorhizal fungii. I use powdered great white but there are plenty of other brands around. The remaining 30% consists of course grade perlite to help with drainage and aeration. I mix this really thoroughly and then place it into 65lt black plastic garbage bins and water it with some compost tea to get the microbes kicking. Put the lids on loosely and leave them to sit for a month or 2 before using. The longer it sits the better.I have grown seedlings in this mix before without too many issues but I still plant seeds into a handful of seed raising mix placed on top of this soil just in case that particular variety is a bit sensitive. This is just what I use, you can take away or add any ingredients you wish to taylor the soil to suit your individual situation


Sweet thanks mate very helpful, time to start some prep i think…:grin: cheers

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Hey @mountainman1, hope ur doing well. Do u water in ur mychorrizal or mix powder directly in soil, also finding it difficult to get some compost teas, any help would be awesome. :+1:

Hey @Budslayer Doing well, thanks for asking. I usually put it in with the soil mix, but you can also water it in too. For the compost teas, I actually make my own . I use 2 good handfuls of compost out of my heap and put it in a bra bag, the bags that the ladies use to wash their lingerie,. It has some nice large holes in it , better than a stocking. I hang this bag over the side of a 20lt bucket filled with rain water. I also add some molasses and a splash of seasol seaweed extract and any other organic nutes I am using at the time. I have 2 aistones in the bottom of the bucket and i brew my tea for 24/48 hrs or until a frothy scum builds up in the top of the bucket. Hope this helps. Make sure to use all the tea immediately after the airstone is removed.

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Ok cool cheers :+1:

If you live near where they make it add Millmud also.

Whats milmud @Mudcrab01?

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@Budslayer it is a bi product of sugar cane harvesting.