Soil is wet can someone help me its the 2nd week of veg and I'm useing foxfarm soil

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I don’'t know how many plants you have there, but if you can get a fan going over soil level, that would help a lot. It does not look like they are suffering from over-watering, but you do not want to attract bugs, like fungus gnats. If you have no way to dry the soil out a bit, you might want to consider doing some preventive treatment to deter bugs.


Too much moisture also invites probable mold without air flow.


I’m assuming there are holes in the bottom of the buckets… You might also punch or drill some holes in the sides of the buckets. It’ll let the water out and air in.


That’s a lot of plants,


You have quite a few plants there.

Like others have said , you need airflow. A fan or fans are a must here.

If you can use a couple of 6” clip fans and or a oscillating fan it will be a big help.

This will result in drying out the top layers of soil so you can avoid disease as well as strengthening the main stalks of your plants.

Overwatering is a common error and can result in root rot.

You can tell when it’s time to water when the top inch or so of soil is close to completely dry.
You can also tell when it’s time by lifting the plants container. If it feels light then the plant needs water.

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Well again our troops have come thru with flying colors.
Thank you all for helping Robert1 with some spot on info.

Will bravo


I’ll also suggest you buy some soft pots when you transplant the plastic pots tend to hold moisture longer then soft pots
As @garrigan62 stated the rest of the folks gave some spot on advice :+1: nice job folks
You can get some good deals on the soft pots 5 for under 20$ on Amazon I like the 247 brand myself


Just slow down on water :sweat_drops: man

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I just ordered a 15 pack last night, 1, 3, 5 gallon

That’s the brand of 7 gal. pots I have.:+1::slightly_smiling_face: