Soil ingredients, better way to apply co2


From a fellow grower:

I need an ingredients list for growing soil. n a better way to apply Co2. I herd pure carbonated water can be sprayed on the plant directly, but I had better results with a homemade Co2 puffer. my site has, till now, been completely solar n wind powered. However, I have recently added a small space heater to keep my temps at or around 85 degrees. Unfortunately, this runs off electricity but I should only need it at night n for the first few months seems I’m a New England lifer lol. Soon I’ll be starting a new grow n I’d love to know your opinions on an optimum soil n Co2 application. If this is a computer, then I will say now that I’m really bummed. But if your a real person with a real Intrest in helping a fellow GREEN BEAN. lol, then I welcome any and all tips tricks n general help that you have to offer. I should mention i use a 10+12 greenhouse!!!???!!