Soil & How long to veg

I’m a beginner about to start a grow in a 3x2 thinking about doing 2 feminized critical seeds from royal queen seeds in 3 gallon fabric pots. Just wondering how exactly do I know how long to stay in veg and when exactly should I do a 24 hour dark cycle to start flowering? Also don’t really want to make my own super soil any recommendations for some affordable potting soil and nutes?

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I have primarily used coco but i just put my first seedling into soil about 2 weeks ago. I am using fox farms ocean forest. It is made for cannabis. I also run the ff nutes. From what I read you dont have to feed for about a month or 2 with it, so that saves money. Stay away from miracle grow if you want a good yield. 3 gallon pots will be okay but you will have to transplant. I have 5 gallon pots and my plants are so root bound it is crazy and causing issues. My next go around 7 gal pots all the way for me. Now the veg question… thats up to you, you can flip as early as 3 to 4 weeks sometimes, just keep you grow space in mind. The longer you veg the bigger the plant and when u do flip it, it will stretch to at least double the size. I normally veg 6 to 8 weeks and LST my plants to keep their height manageable. My next grow I am planning on doing 3 new strains, I am super excited about and plan on rushing them in the veg to get product faster. If i like the end results i will slow down the next grow and go for lbs. Hope this helps some. If you need to get someones attention just put @ in front of their name. Like @Jay_thegr8. Oh yeah man welcome to the forum, no trolls here. Only helpful people.


If you’re decided on 3 gal pots. In that size tent. 4-6 weeks of veg should be plenty.


First welcome to the community, the fox farm Happy Frog would be a good soil . If you are running 18/6 for veg you would need to flip to 12/12 to start your flower. Hope that helps good luck


Have you had any gnat issues with the ffof?

So I looked into fox farms and I found the soil and started looking at buying a trio package of nutes on amazon just wondering how to know when to start feeding nutes and how much should I feed, don’t want to start to early and burn the plants or too late and lower my yield. I still don’t really understand the feeding nutrients part of growing

I use FFOF soil. I haven’t had a single issue with it. I also use the FF Nutrients.


First; welcome!

Second; 2 X 3 is really enough for 1 plant IMO. So why not do one nice one to begin with?

Soil: any soil can be used but here’s why cannabis-specific soil makes sense…it is buffered to be in the correct PH range to support growing cannabis. Other soils don’t and cause all kinds of deficiencies and excesses and lockouts etc. So best to go with a recognized line of soil. Fox Farms is the recognized leader in it and it’s good soil. The Ocean Forest is complete all the way into flower before anything is needed. If some other soil look for things that DO say: organic this or that. Things you DON’T want to see: needs no fertilizer for 3 months or moisture control. That is an indicator of bad things for cannabis growers.

I would do one plant in a 7 gallon and manage for height as you will likely run out of room. What lighting are you planning on using?


I’m using a 300 watt LED light from vivosun. Had read that if I only veg for 4-6 weeks with 3 gallon fabric pots that I should have enough space for two. @Myfriendis410 so I planned on buying fox farms ocean forest soil so would I have to buy any other nutes besides for flowering ?

I’m no kind of expert, but the experts I listen to advise using really low nutrient feedings. If the manufacturer recommends 4cc/liter, try 1cc/liter. Low nutes might delay your harvest, but overfeeding is really hard to recover from.

If I understand correctly, you’re planting in soil, which has everything the plant requires to complete it’s lifecycle; therefore, additional inputs are all about subtle nudges toward a stellar harvest.

A lot of advice focuses on growth for weight because the growers will sell most of their harvest. Yield is always a consideration, but I’d rather focus on clean herb with great flavor than bag appeal or overall yield.

Also consider keeping a mother plant in veg and growing out clones for flower. That way you’re growing the same plant each time, and any changes you see will be due to your actions rather than genetic differences.

Hope that’s helpful. Best of luck.

@KeystoneCops I’m one of those growers that don’t feed a full nutrient cycle in one or two watering.

I prefer every other day…example:

For Monday…use 1/4 to 1/3 dose with filtered water from the tap

For Tuesday…just filtered water from the tap

For Wednesday…1/4 to 1/3 dose with filtered water from the tap.

Everyone will get the idea.

@MrPeat I’ve definitely seen this method and was going to try it what stage do you begin applying nutes seedling, veg or flower?

@Jay_thegr8 I don’t start Nutrients for the first 2 weeks once the plant has managed to grow from the seed to a small little girl.

Say for example you have new soil say FFOF you wouldn’t need to add nutrients for the first month. Plenty in new soil.

I don’t do a flip to 12/12 because that is how I do my grows in the first place.

Now for the rest. I use this schedule from the very first adding of nutrients and when the plants is ready to be chopped I start flushing 1 to 2 weeks before I chop the plant.

Okay so I think I’m going to go with the ffof soil hold off on nutes until the 2 month then begin applying 1/4 the dose every other feeding until harvest. How does this sound?

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You can follow the feeding schedule of the nutrient company the entire time. In fact, the additional food during veg will be helpful and less likely to affect your finished bud. But I think going 1/4 strength the entire time is a good starting point for your first grow.

@Jay_thegr8 With new FFOF soil, you should do a solo cup and step it to a bigger pot and finally put it in the final pot.

I’d be worried that the FFOF will be to hot at first aka wait a few weeks before the final transplant.

Now for the nutrient schedule. That will work as your plants will tell you if something is wrong. If you see something out of place take a picture of the troubled area and of the whole plant and post it for advice.

Don’t wait to long because your plants can die just as fast as they grow.

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