Soil Help with Autoflower growth

So I’m using Happy Frog and Black Gold soil in a 2 to 1 ratio of HF to BG.

These are supposed to be the best soils for indoor growing, but I keep running into nutrient deficiencies once into the flowering phase using autoflower seeds.

I have given them additional nutrients in the form of Fox Farm Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom and even some potash due to signs of potassium deficiency.

I honestly can’t believe I am running into these issues with supposedly the best soils on the market for growing.

Please comment with any insight.

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“Best soil,” is a relative term… highly dependent on hearsay and marketing. Both of those go hand in hand.

You should be monitoring pH and PPMs, also what deficiencies? Only big bloom and tiger bloom? Where’s grow big(for nitrogen?) When did you start feeding.

Light? Environment? Water? Testing equipment? Humidity? Temp? Watering til run off? Wet/dry cycling waterings/feed?

What was your reasoning for mixing mediums?

We need a lot more info to diagnose anything.