Soil has moss in it

So I watered my girls today and noticed a green moss forming in the soil…help?

So i can’t really see any in the photo. If its there tho can you just scrape it off? If not there are products out there that will get ride of it. Not sure any names cause i haven’t came across this yet but I’d try going to a plant shop and asking them about it, plant stores can usually help you get pointed in the right direction. Hope this helps a little and happy growing

Be careful using those products, though. They usually contain large amounts of iron, other metals, and minerals which is what kills the moss, and which burn your plants. I use a product called Moss Out! for my yard.

A better thing to do would be to scrape it off, then let your soil dry out a bit. Start watering less, too, as your soil looks over-saturated.

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