Soil grow or hydro grow woes


I’m new to growing. Just a few + weeks away from 1st grow harvest. I’m already, to get ready, for my next.

What I have:
Grow tent: 4x4x6
Light: 1200w full spec led
Nuts: general hydroponics flora trio
Hydro set up: general hydroponics (I bought a better pump

Light Timer
Ph meter

I was sooo unprepared for this first grow. Now I have more knowledge and ALL you wonderful people.

My question:
I want to do hydro but now I’m reading that the drip system needs to be on a timer as well? (Could someone clarify please)
And though I have all the equipment soil is sounding better.
I need some advice from both camps.

Pros/ cons


Grow in coco, you get the good and bad of both worlds


We don’t recommend coco as a medium for beginners
lol don’t recommend it at all myself
Their are a few members here that use it and love it
@Myfriendis410 is one if you decide to head that route
@Donaldj is my go to hydro guy im sure when he sees this tag hell help tou out @Fairieswear8oots he west coast so give him a little time :wink:
Im a soil guy so nit much help with the hydro questions


Coco is a great medium. John likes Promix bx which I think is a better media. My main complaint about it is fairly high maintenance. Soil is the easiest.


Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971!
By all means fill me in on the dirt :grin:
I started a note book last week. I will master this because I’m too poor to keep buying low grade crap unknown crap✌
What is the best Soil?
I can pop a seed but once it’s ready do you go straight into dirt? Nuts?
I am familiar with what the stages look like as well, seedling, growth, flower.
Any help you throw my way will be greatly appreciated!


Doing hydro requires more attention as things can change quickly but you can also correct problems quickly. I have an ebb and flow system instead of the drip so mine fills and drains through the bottom. It floods for a half hour then drains back into the reservoir. I have it feeding five times in the 18 hours the lights are on. I use the same nutes as you and have had great results. Soil requires less work but can have greater problems if you don’t keep an eye on things like PPMs and PH reading.


Here’s a little plant I had in a waterfarm bucket @Fairieswear8oots. It didn’t hold enough water for me so I connected that black bucket to it via a hose


For seedling I use Light Warrior soil from FoX Farm. It will provide food for your seedling for up to 3 wks. Then I use ocean forest soil and a bed of cocoa core at the bottom of my pot about 2”-3” deep. I also put a shot of dolomite lime in it to assist with maintaining my ph. Hope that helps a bit


Drip system does not need to be on a timer, just turn your drip system off just before your roots hit the water. If you don’t turn your drip off and continue to use it after the roots have hit the water it will cause the plant to “damp off” :v:


Thanks @ntmaremach
My first grow started as hydro, hence the set up. I only intended one plant but popped 2 seeds. Not wanting to waste the other seed, and being a mildly successful simple weekend gardener at my own home, I threw it in some potting soil. My hydro turned male. So I was left with the afterthought in the dirt. She has had some struggles but I hope to harvest a small amount in a few+ weeks.
Hydro is still appealing. I’ll be deciding one way or the other soon. If I do hydro I will only do 1 plant ( cos that’s all im set up for) but if i go dirt I’ll probably do 2


If $ is a issue
Maybe a super soil type mix is more up your alley
Where you mix up. A soil batch and only water
@garrigan65 has a good recipe for that
There are many choices of mediums available to you
Im using promix which is relatively cheap but has no nutrients in it so you’d definitely need to feed with nutrients
Im also not saying coco is a bad thing just not recommended for the beginner


DUDE!!@ That is insane!! I want to try THAT, srcog! But I’m not ready yet. That set up sounds easy though…:thinking:


Well, yes, $$$ always an issue :persevere: But I try to do the best I can. I’ll look into these examples and go from there! You’re the Best! Thanks again​:green_heart:


@TDubWilly that looks tasty


Thanks man! I’m taking notes​:v::+1:


There are some pots called Oct-to-pots and it kinda a combination soil and hydro. But they r $70+ each. I’ve used them they work well but I got the same results from just soil so I just do that now.


When I first started growing I was using a cheap DIY hydro system I made from a couple totes. The totes costs under $15 at wally world. A timer, pump and air stone pump and stones. Some 1/2 inch pvc pipe with fittings to make a little stand for the smaller tote and a fill and drain kit for cheap money. I was putting about 4-6 gals into the reservoir. I had great success with until I upgraded again and again. lol


Do you have a grow journal on here? Is love to read it!


Here’s my first journal Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and Chronic Widow
Second Green Crack grow: (Seeds I won in june BOM contest)
My current journal Come in out of the Cold and into Thc Snow


Thanks! I’m off to read🤓