Soil garden tester

You can used cayenne pepper or skin milk to kill them , I think about
a cup of milk to your nutrient feeding will help tremendously . But if
you growing with led lights the first knuckle is not beneficial for your
soil to be completely dry thru out the whole plant , have you consider
one of these meters maybe , I only use it for wetness thru the soil .

Where did you buy

I bought of Amazon for about $10 but if you plan on using the PH meter be careful due to lack of accuracy from the probes getting tarnish , dirt , fertilizer salts build up on them , so it would have to be cleaned thoroughly after each use and could still be off for as PH . I used for light strength penetration sometimes , are app on smart phone of light meter free app , and I used it to measure soil moisture deep in the cord of my plant pot sometimes to help me figure out when to add more water . They do have digital models that’s ah lil more in price .

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Just seen your response. Thanks @yoshi