Soil for their final resting pot

I bought two diffent types of soil. Not sure which one to use for thier final pot. I didn’t know which one would be best so i bought them both.

When its time for me to transfer my seedlings into thier 5 gallon cloth buckets. Which soil would you prefer the FF Happy Frog or FF Bush Doctor? I also have bought separately perlite, worm casting and some peat moss to add as well. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: :pray:

I like my special mix. Satisfies the mad scientist in me. FFOS and all the above w/Mycorrhiza.The best mix can grow good plants, if you get the mix right.


I’m in straight FFOF but I use a HEAVY application of Xtreme Mykos at transplant.

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I started with OC and still have enough for half of my 6 pots. I could mix that with the 30 % perlite and 20% peat moss or should i mix in some of the Happy Frog or Bushdoctor. I have Mycorrhiza as well to add.

Fox farms Happy Frof has Mycorrhiza added to the mix. That one of the differences between that and Ocean Forest.

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