Soil for seedlings?

Hey everyone! Just joined and I’m on my first grow. I bought one of their autoflower packs and recently germinated, had some decent taproots show and have them now in solo cups.

I have 2 areas of questions right now I’d love some advice on:

  1. The soil i’m using is Mother Earth Mix 70% Coco & 30% Perlite, I haven’t added anything yet. Hoping you all agree with this for the seedling stage? I believe I’m going to need to start checking PH levels and adding nutrients and would appreciate suggestions.

  2. I have the ViparSpectra LED lights 450 model and I’m following their suggestions which I wanted to check with what you all thought? Here’s an example of how detailed they get…should I just follow their guide as they have all 4 stages broken out like below:

3-5 days intro period Height = 40" 10hrs on / 14 off …even brightness B/W/R %'s

Thanks for any comments!

So the light schedule is not ideal for seedlings, normally cannabis goes through 2 main phases(I consider 3) seedling/cloneling(I add this personally, vegetative, and flowering. During the early stages (seedling/cloneling, and veg) cannabis would naturally want around 16/18 hours of light with the remaining time designated to darkness, autos can be pushed to 24/0 light cycle, however personally I find this a waste. So I would probably keep them in light for much longer. I don’t personally grow coco, however coco does not have a lot of nutrients in the medium to begin with, coco coir is normally considered to be Hydroponic. Meaning that nutrients are required to be added to assist with the full grow. So once you see 2 set of true leaves(not the small leaves that initially popped with the seed, these are false leaves) both try transplanting into a new pot to avoid root binding, as well as start your feeding schedule, if you have a specific product mention it and we can probably find someone who is more familiar with feeding with it! Welcome to the forum:)

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A 12 or 13 dollar ph meter will get you through, but a 60 or 70 dollar one can be trusted a lifetime. My municipal ph was soo bad it was stunting my plants. They rebounded quickly once I paid attention.

Dont feed the seedlings until they are showing the 3 fingered leaves and the 5 fingered ones are poking out.
When you do feed do it 1/4 strength to start out, sesdlings really dont need much water at all, your little plants may only require 5 to 10 ml of water every few days at first. With coco you will need to supliment calcium and magnesium so typically folks use calmag every other watering. It also has a bit of nitrogen in it.

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@Cannabian Thanks for the response! To be clear, is all I would use for feedings calmag?
What do you think of this one?

Cant speak for something I’ve never used, this is what I use.
Take note of the 2-0-0
Im sure it will do though, very likely made in the same factory? Lol

@WonderBread I use that brand and it is good, you just have to find how much works for you and it might be different with different strains.