Soil for my plant

So do i use different soils for the different stages or do i use only one kind of soil throughout the life of my plant ?

I use the same type of soil throughout my entire grow.

@Ogm1 some get a special soil for seedlings. So it’s not too nutrient rich and burn them.
After the roots are established they transplant them to the soil of their choice for the rest of their lifespan.

Sorry ppl for all these questions i might ask the same question but i want to make sure of what I’m doing , what soil do you use ?


I heard coco soil is really good but I would go with pro mix or happy frog :frog:

@Ogm1 I use Fox Farms Ocean Forest through the entire lifespan. Seedling to harvest.
You do however have to supplement proper nutrients about 5-6 weeks into veg, and of course proper nutrients for flowering.

No problem. Keep rolling out the questions. We like answering them.

I use an amended coco and perlite based medium called “roots organics original”. It is a “soilless” medium which means it is treated more like a hydroponic. I water frequently and at a pH of 5.8.

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Im going to be using soil, because I’m far to new to use hydroponic so i need something for my level , also im a little concern or confused on ph/tds/ and ppm meters how and when do i use them? and if I’m going to use filtration water do i need them? And do i need one for soil and one for water for each ?

Regarding the soil, a lot of folks around here will recommend Fox farms ocean forest as a good starter soil. There are pros and cons to it, but it’s made for this type of plant.

Regarding pH and why it is important: if you soil pH isn’t in the right range, the plant doesn’t eat well and can’t absorb all types of minerals and nutrients. My opinion is it is the #1 factor in a successful grow for new growers.

You only need the pH and ppm meters that are used in water. You don’t need to soil probe pH meter. If you go with the fox farm soil, you won’t need the ppm meter right away either because it comes loaded with nutrients and you won’t need to add any or manage the nutrient concentration in the soil for a while, probably 6-8 weeks from the time the seed is out of the ground.

Regardless you can get a ph and ppm meter on amazon for $22. You will also need pH up and down to adjust your Ph. When you water your plants, you will adjust the pH to 6.5. Most spring water, filtered water for drinking, well water, and city/town water will have a ph over 7, so it usually needs to be ph’d down

Thanks for all that info. @Sixpackdad spot on.
The soil probes are very inaccurate. @Ogm1

Instead of the soil probe, take a cup of soil, make a slurry with equal soil and ph adjusted water, then you should be able to check the ph of the soil.
FFOF usually is a good natural ph from the start. Although I didn’t check mine before I started growing. I could check a bag I have on hand I haven’t opened yet.

Sometimes people will layer a milder soil on top
Of the ocean forest and then let the seedling grow into it.


I typically add more perilite to the soil also. Never hurts to have extra drainage.

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I’m a soil grower and I use mine all the way through. I have gotten lazy and use a super soil now. Stepwell soil seems to be pretty good. Just don’t over water though. You will get nite burn

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Hello there @Ogm1

Seedlings and clones I use MG Potting Soil. I(t has a very, very low N. P. K
AND I’LL ADD Worm Castings and Bat Gauno ( Mexican )
And don’t feed any nutrients until they have 5 to 6 true sets of leafs.

@garrigan62 What ratio of worm castings and bat guano do you use?

That is what I started with and had great results. Every one said the smoke would be horrible but was pretty good and I even think I jumped the gun a bit on a couple. Also do you add the bat and worm goods right away and what do you suggest as ratio I grow mostly autos inside. My photos are grown in core. Also I have read again to water less when useing such soil. Don’t let them starve but when you can feel dry two inches or so. You will get nute burn. Had happened twice to me

If you want to do some research on ‘living soils’, I’d recommend you look up Black Swallows Living Soils. You can customize your soil to your preference.

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Check it out here

Just scroll down just a little and you will see what i use and how much