Soil for hot dry outdoor grow

Myself I really don’t have a system system. It’s just a simple drip system hooked on to the end of my garden hose that has a 25lb pressure valve and drip hose going down each row with different drip heads for different veggies as some like more water than others. I put little valves before the drip so I can adjust accordingly to the water they take in. I’ll let it drip and on really hot days I’ll fill the bottom catch pan as well so the fabric bags will suck the water up from the bottom quickly. The pans work great by keeping the roots from going into the garden soil. There’s a few trees around to help shade some and if I need to move the fabric bags it’s with ease to the location of the shade. The next run I use my substrate that has been cooking for a couple of months instead of a few weeks in the fabric pots as this lets everything break down longer and off we go again.
Heck if you are around a lot to check on them you don’t even need a system just keep a good eye on them and I’m sure you will great success. It’s not hard too hard to get the ladies to fill out that dress for you.

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Have you thought about using water crystals they hold water for a few days so when its a hot day ur plants will have extra water to drink all u do u mix some in ur soil ur using there great

Well, you still have to water as the plants still use the same amount of water and you still have to water on hot days. They just hold the water a little longer. Which may or may not have the ions in it. It maybe good for some people but I don’t like to add. Coco and peat both hold water as well. I’m not a growing tech just know what works for me and it may not work for others. But is a good thought thanks

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no I haven’t heard of that! i googled it are they safe for the grow?

I would say they are safe to use as they put it in most bag soils you get from Walmart and that we get here from Bunnings but i only suggested it cause i thought it would help with retaining water for ur plants on a hot day its ur choice if u use them or not but what ever you decide to do

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Definitely a good idea I’ll keep looking into it! Thanks for the tip :+1:

Hey CG, I saw your post regarding the Recipe 420. I’m going to pop some and transfer the seedling into the R420. I’ve read some posts from others, stating the R420 is to hot to run seedlings in.
Do you have an opinion on that ? I’m just down the road from you in Folsom. Northern Lights autos are my beans, they’ll get the outside fresh air.

Thanks, R4B

Yes, I too believe it’s too hot for seedlings. What I do is put R420 in the bottom, the middle half of the soil is a mix of R420 and Light Warrior and the top 1/3rd is all light warrior. I really love the R420!

Great, thanks. Sounds like a safe seedling environment, and after it’s established……reach for the R420. :facepunch:

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