Soil Change Frequency

Hi, I’m a relatively new indoor grower, using a Mars Hydro 4x4 tent, exhaust fan, LED grow light, and canvas 10-gallon planter sacks. I use Fox Farms Happy Frog soil and fertilize throughout the plant’s life using Humboldt’s Secret Base A and Base B.
My question is: Do I need to change the soil completely in each sack after every grow, every 2 grows, etc or can I keep using it indefinitely? Thanks.

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Welcome to the community! I would think you can reuse your soil but I think you might have to put some amendments in it. I am going to be doing Earth Dust in my used Fox Farm soil. Perhaps some one of the experts on here will give you some good advice! Happy Growing :blush::v:


Just be sure to use a good cannabis fertilizer and keep your runoff PPM around 1,000. Probably a good idea to supplement cal/mag from the start too. Make sure that your runoff pH is in good shape before you start over too.


I reused soil and the fabric pots 1 time. Turned out great. But, I Don t think I want to go a third time.