Soil, CFL & LED Grow Journal


Welcome to my first grow journal. I’ve had one successful grow and I’m about to harvest my second. I wanted to start a grow journal to document my next grow to try to make it the best it can be. I live in a less than legal state for recreational use. I want to get self sufficient so I can stop wasting my money and risking getting caught by the man for something that should be legal.

Trisected auto seedling

First up are my first successfully rooted clones. There are two Jack Herrer mixes and a sad little Pure Indica.

Last night I pulled them from the cloner and planted them in a mix of 70% Fox Farms Ocean Forest and 10% each of Promix soil, perlite and coco coir. I bought the Fox Farms nutes, but I won’t need to use them on these girls for a while.


Next up is Northern Lights autoflower. This is my first attempt at an auto. I planted 2. One looks pretty good. I think it’s 3-4 days old. I sprouted it in a seedling tray in my kitchen window. The other has opened and sent out a small tap root, but it hasn’t popped out of the soil yet. I moved them to my flower room for now since its warmer, it may be brighter and the photo period is a little longer than the length of the day right now.

The mason jar is because she’s too tall for the humidity dome the tray came with.


Here are the moms. I think I may flower the bigger one after she recovers from being pruned and repotted. She’s a Pure Indica. I have more seeds and hopefully the clones make it. The other two are Jack Herrer mixes.

The leaf death and stretching is due to heat issues, cramped space with low light and lack of feeding (I think)

I’m about to upgrade to a larger cabinet in my basement. It won’t be any taller (30 inches), but it will have much more space and will be located in a cooler and less risky location. I need to add another coat of white paint and drill some wholes and it will be ready.


I intend to repot the JH moms and turn one of them into a bonsai mom. I’ll flower the other eventually.


Good luck with your grow!



Here is my next batch of clones. I took some stronger cuttings this time. I expect these to do well. I hope I’m not overcrowding them.


While I was checking my clones today I noticed a mildew smell from one of them. I have it planted in a biodegradable pot that I inserted into a plastic pot. When I pulled the bio part out, there is a little white fuzz on the bottom. I pulled that girl out and she is sitting alone in sunlight. What can I do to treat this? Should I just cull this girl? She is small and sickly because I’m still learning how to clone. It wouldn’t be the end of the world to lose her.


Are auto flower plants supposed to be trisected instead of bisected?