Soil basics - Don't forget the perlite!


I have it, but three months in, I still haven’t opened/needed it .


General Organics Cal Mag is an organic option instead of the inorganic option of Cal Mag.
General rule of thumb when feeding Cal Mag is a 5:1 ratio Calcium to Magnesium is recommended.

If you plan on using organic soil with living critters it’s important to select stuff you use to be organic.

Up to you

20-30% perlite in a mix is what I have read over and over and as it has many nooks and crannies it is like a condo for critters to live in too!


Hi. Not too late. Check out @garrigsn65 recipes for teas and root drenches. He is the man! Good luck with your grow.@Oldsoldier1976 @GreenCoat


weasels rip my flesh.


It’s all about volume ratio not about ratio itself :wink: it’s a sweet science.

Find a whole lot of sweet science here

It’s a great resource to have on hand while being part of this forum. Everything comes together nicely :sunglasses:


While on the subject… should I add perlite to my potting soil for my seedlings (solo cups) will be transplanting into FFOF ( 5gal pots,) with the perlite at aprox 20%. When they are ready for transplanting. Thanks I just don’t see the need for it for the seedlings.???


I’m by no means an experienced grower but from what I’ve read over and over…like the Franks Red Hot sauce commercial …substituting that for perlite…I put that xo&# on everything lol…
I add perlite to seedling mix as well as potting soil even though there is already some of it in there…just my limited experience and all…can’t hurt…its cheap…and it can help!


Haha! I put that $hit in everything as well. I think that using fabric pots can allow you to cut back on perlite a little though.