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Hi I’m long time farmer and gardener but new to cannabis growing. Question in context to indoor growing.

I see a lot of posts about FFOF and other FF mixes but I’m just curious why this is so good.

I have been growing great veg with easily sourceable mixes like this one from and it’s close for he same nutrient mix. About $10-15 no shipping.

If we are staying on ph water and nutrient levels is it that big of a difference to order FFOF ($25-35 shipped).

I do have a liquid seaweed nutrient mix when soil runs low and I use root magic.

Thanks for the insight.


The better soils (for cannabis) are buffered for pH, which is very important for a healthy plant.

You’re going to want a balanced product for cannabis, which has specific nutrient requirements. Fox Farm, Jack’s 321, General Hydroponics, and Advanced Nutrients are among the good choices.


There is an aspect of growing cannabis that doesn’t get much discussion but is true nonetheless.
Selective breeding in any form, animal, plants or even humans reduces the genetic strength of random aspects of the offspring. Saw this first mentioned in a documentary about “Mono-Cultures”. One case was actually cannabis, but apples were mentioned as well. When a plant is bred selectively to an extreme degree there will always be losses in some area of its genetics. We can breed trees to be hugely productive, but often they will be very susceptible to certain diseases. In a natural setting a disease might take a few trees, but in an orchard of one type of hybrid trees it may obliterate the entire farm.

Now that article doesn’t address cannabis, but as you will find out growing cannabis successfully takes a lot of micromanagement. Its my opinion that over the last 50 years of selective breeding the cannabis gene pool has been changed to produce very high THC producing plants. What was lost is the ability of the plant to thrive like a weed as it has for thousands of years. The current average plant will suffer and grow poorly if the environment is not kept within certain parameters. So, back to your question, Fox Farms soils are made to stay within that fine range of pH and have a balance of nutrients. Not enough to burn the seedlings which are susceptible to that, but enough to feed it for a month or so before you take over food. Some plants will have strong genetics and will grow well in many soils, but some will not. You will at some point have two plants and one will thrive and the other will not. Even though the seeds came from the same female mother, they will act differently.
So its the price we pay for high THC producing cannabis plants. We traded in “Grows like a weed” for “Produces Killer Buds” So to be successful we recommend a cannabis formulated soil. I would try the one you have, but maybe on only one plant first.
And anything with time release food added will feed the wrong nutrients to cannabis. Its needs changes once flowering starts.


Makes sense. Great detail. Thank you.

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Just a fyi not sure of your location or if your in the states at that but majority of big box stores including local nurseries carry fox farms soil significantly cheaper that what you can order it online for Home Depot, Ace hardware, Lows,local grow stores if you go on fox farms website they have a products store locator of whom all around you carries there products fox farms products are just about everywhere lol