Soil And Pot Size Question

I’m planning on growing 5 White Widow Feminized and 5 White Widow Autoflowering outdoors. Would I be okay with getting normal soil not mixed with anything and transplant them after they are germinated? Would it grow as long as I watered them with nutrients? I am going to order 10 plastic 5 gallon pots for them I don’t think filling them with expensive potting soil would be worth it because the autoflowering wouldn’t get that big. The only reason I’m planning on putting them in 5 gallon pots is because I can’t order just 5 so might as well plant them all in 5 gallons. Is this okay? Sorry in advance I’m new.

Don’t be sorry, and yes you will be fine that way if you are adding nutes your soil needs none to start with i only use a neutral soil

THE ONLY STUPID QUESTION …IS the one you don’t ask.

5 gallon pots will work very well. For both the auto’s and the reg.

using grow soil will get more beneficial little goodies that are sparse in regular dirt.
also, less bad bugs that grow in soil.

most will mix unfertilized grow soil with hot prefertilized soil like FF.

best if you are in control of the nutes given.


I would highly recommend fabric grow bags, 7 gal for max room for roots. I got 5 7gal grow bags from Amazon for like 10.00 bucks shipped. Fabric pots help air prune the roots and helps prevent root bound issues.

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I tried the plastic pots when I first started, it was a costly mistake. Lost one girl to poor drainage, you will find that watering outdoors is way difderent than indoor growers. Most common mistake new growers make is overwatering, fabric bags help eliminated that issue.

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I’ll check out the fabric bags thanks

@JoshawaM by neutral soil do you mean you bought it with no nutrients or you got it out your yard or what? if it’s bought what do you recommend?

Bought an i mean anything saying seedling i am currently using light warrior by fox farm but before was using mircle grow for seedlings…but i run dwc an only use a cup of soil on top my clay pebbles to hold the seed for germination…but even as a dirt grower i used neutral soil to start an just used nutes to add what i wanted

After reading first post again yes you will be fine as long as you know an can read what is going in👍

@JoshawaM So I could just get soil out of my backyard and use ph up or down to make it neutral then use ILGM Fertilizer to grow? Again sorry for the questions I’m on a budget

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Again no need to apologize lol an yes you can my friend i would recomend cleaning the soil months or weeks before you start…but thats only so you don’t have to deal with what might be in the soil as long as your up to a challenge with unknowns then thats your call lol not ever gonna judge someone doin with what they have, good community here you will get quick help with anything you run into all want to see you thrive

Only thing with the unknown is even us here won’t know exactly what is in your medium but again good help here my friend

I’m not here to tell you how to grow can only help with what you have available there is no wrong method as long as you can control sertain things you will find what works for you an we will help🤗

Since you say that your going to grow outside i have a dumb question are you going to start seedling then 5gal air pot then go into the ground for spring because either way outside right now in the U.S. the sun is not in its longest photo period. So just asking where about you are at another way to look at it is 1gallon for every month you plan on growing so if you plan on a 4 to 5 month grow a 5gal air pot or bucket will work or if your planning on having 15ft or bigger than plant and plan accordingly with the spring time sun in your area so plant now by the end of March you will have some big plants ready for the ground. Just a thought i hope this helps you

I use ProMix HP soil. It is relatively inexpensive and has no nutrients in it. I control everything. I’ve had great success with it.

@ThcinKC I’m just in research mode right now. I’ve decided to do autos instead of photos because I need to be super discreet. Also I don’t smoke that much anyway and I’m just growing for myself. I’m going to get the plants to seedling then transplant them into 3gal fabric pots for the rest of their life.