Soil and nutrient questions

A question from a fellow grower:

“Hello, I’ve tried growing regular seeds before but turned out some were male and the one the I did get as female turned Hermie. I’m still relatively new at this and decided I would try with your fertilizers and your seeds this time. My question I have is what soil do you recommend to use for the auto flowering seeds I purchased since I plan on also using the fertilizer. I didn’t want to get soil that was too rich or not rich enough in nutrients to combine with the fertilizer from your shop. I am also a little confused as to how to use the fertilizer exactly. For example this says to mix with1 gallon of water for the seedling, but then how do I give it to the seedling, I don’t think you are saying to give the seedling 1 gallon of water that seems a little extreme. Maybe you can give me some more detail or guidance on this part?”

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No soil with time release nutes those are bad. I use fox farm happy frog for seedling and then moving it to ocean forest when moving to a 5 gallon. You don’t want to use nutes till the Very first set of leaves turns yellow and falls off. Shouldnt need anything for first few weeks. I also use fox farm trio nutes with some cal mag nutes you kinda need it when using fox farm

Pro mix is a great option there is little to No nutrients and you’re able to control what you put in it from seed to finish join us and we will be more than happy to help you

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Hello -

I’m new growing Marijuana myself.

I purchased a complete Grow kit my self from:

I purchased their 5 gallon Grow kit.

You can see my progress on this forum.

It’s very easy.

They give you a coupon to buy seeds at, I Love Growing Marijuana. Instead of paying $89, I paid $54 for five seeds.

Their support team is great both at A Pot For Pot and at ILGM.

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Using their grow kit is also a great learning experience.

From there I learned to use Super Soil, Myco Chum, a premium microbe food for when the plant starts flowering, Great White Mycorrhizae to boost Root grow to flourish, Neem oil with a detergent for a natural insecticide.

From there I browsed through Amazon and discovered Happy Frog which is a living potting soil with perlite and Mycorrhizae added among other good things.

I discovered a one pound concentrated Super Soil, that really stinks with instructions to mix it with a top soil the first third of the fabric pot, then fill the rest of the pot with top soil. In my case I used Happy Frog.

But do start with the grow kit from A Pot For Pot… It’s a very good basic start.