Soil and mediums

Anyone have recommendations or advice what should go in my pot for full life cycle after seedling. Got me a nice ph tester and looking to find a mix with a good level… any advice on the use of mediums would be great too :grin:

The Noob
do.ob :joy:

Can’t go wrong with soil on your first grow to get the feel for growing cannabis. Fox Farms is a reputable brand that should be good a starter. @Donaldj may be able to be a little more specific for indoor. All my soil grows are done outdoors in a greenhouse with my own soil mix.

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We all work different styles an types but we all have a good out come pick what works for you an you will adapt as you progress don’t worry about to much at once it will all come together an you will get a feel of what you may need to do

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Pro mix Hp, Sunshine mix #4, Fox Farms Ocean forest depends on your goals do you wish to go organic or feed often? I like sunshine mix not that it’s the best just that it works for me and has for years.


I’ve been hearing a lot about Fox farm currently I’m using miracle grow for my seedlings with a perlite mix…I just want the best for my babies @joshawaj lol…and I plan on feeding often I have my ilgm booster kit :grin:

fertility levels are pretty high in the miracle grow…w.e that means lol my ph scale also measures fertility

I run MG too specialized for clones an seedlings an organic nuts new at this indoors myself

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You’ve been doing great from what I see

She has surprised me so far not much longer till flower time I want her at least two feet only 4 inches to go


I cannot figure out how to post a new thread on my iphone, but i’m a first time grower who made the mistake of planting in miracle grow. the seedling have been in the soil since may 2. about 11 days and are about 2.5 inches tall. can i transplant these into the proper medium or is it to late?