Soil and lighting question


A question from a fellow grower:

We’ll start with the correct patio pot to use when growing outdoors, What would you say is the right size pot ? I have about a 5ft. Sativa plant in a 15gal. Smart Pot and she had just started flowering when slowly he started dropping leaves to Friday I noticed at least 20+ leaves would falloff at touch.

This told me I have a severe problem so I drove 30 miles to my supply shop and this dude told me " Man I should have that lady in at least a 30 gallon pot outdoors" So I started to panache and asked him what I should do and he told me to dig a hole and put her into the ground, so I purchased 3 bags of Ocean Forrest soil and dug a deep hole damn near 3’ deep ( after the top 5-6" I hit pure sand easy digging, so I went deep to loosen the sand on bottom real well, then I put almost 2 bags in the hole and set this big plant in the hole and started filling her along the sides and a 3/4 bag on top and watered her with about 3 ml of each Grow, Mass, & Flower Booster to a 2 gallon sprinkler container and finished watering with that. I done all this Friday evening then Saturday we finally got an all day rain that was a soaker, we needed this rain because the month of July we got no rain and were 5" below average for the year, I have not heard the total from yesterdays rain but I’d bet it was close to 2".

Anyway do you thing I need anything special added since it’s sand after the soil I added?

A whole different subject I need to know more about is I read in some article of yours that for indoor growing a 600 watt HID lighting is the best to use? Well when I started growing years ago all I used was a 250 watt MH/HPS Sunburst and that baby really gave me some he Indica buds, then I went to LED’s well hose can be shoved up someone’s ASS because I had a 900 dollar system and it just was not enough to grow nice bud’s so now I grow with a 400 watt Solis Tek digital MH/HPS system and it does a good job but I think we could do better. This is where I read that you recommend at least 600 watts, that would be nice but I think I would run into a Heat problem and even worse a large consumption of electricity and get Johnny Law snooping around here, growing medical marijuana is against the law here. But I use it over narcotics and everything I grow is my personal smoke, I sell nothing.


should i be wetting my soil down befor placing germinated seed into it having trouble with getting them to sprout had 3 seeds and one came up the next day however it is very tall and skinny i have bought a 8 bulb florescent tent for my kids as starter befor i put them into 1000w mh for veg growing then 1000w hps for budding but need help getting them sprout what is the best soil to use to place germinated in
also should i be using root enhance in my soil when i water


can you please help will be starting my first grow indoors tent size 50 cm by 50cm and 1 meter tall planting on growing auto is 250 hps light to much ??


There is some info in the guide section. If you read it show a few different ways to germinate your seeds.


That 1meterl is what worries me the most, hps lights put out a lot of heat, so you can’t have it to close or it will burn your leaves. If it was me I would get a CFL light… My grow cabinet is 6 ft and that is a bit to short for me.
Do you have a light with a duct so you can get rid of heat?


I have extractor fan and duc and carbon filter ps keep in mind i,m a newbie as in first grow


I really don’t know what else to tell you. I think your tent is not tall enough. That tent sounds like a clone tent, not a grow tent.