Soil and how to get started

i have auto flower seeds,would like to know how long before i can trans plant seedlings into fox farms ocean forest potting soil,or is there some other soil i can put them into until they get good roots formed.these will be out doors.i don"t want to nuke burn them

@pesjr55 About the second set of leaves you can transplant into FFOF.


Use some peat pods the bigger size then you see a couple roots coming out put them in the ocean forest that’s what I do.

Be sure you put some perlite in your soil mix.

First Welcome to our community if you follow through with the ocean Forest potting soil. I would not use any nutes for the first four or five weeks the potting soil has what you need to take care of them that amount of time.

Be careful transplanting autoflowering plants, as any time they spend recovering from shock will eat into your yield. Welcome to ILGM! :v:

Thanks for the info,will be careful.

Great,will be sure to give them enough time.Thanks

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Great Idea thanks for the info.

Thanks for the info will be very usefull

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