Soil and 5 Gallon Fabric Pots

Am I correct in my math thinking 2 cubic feet of soil should fill (2) 5 Gallon Fabric Pots?

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Give or take you are correct. (one company’s 5 is another’s 7 gallon)


Can someone tell me why this plant is so compact? It seems like no matter how high the light is it won’t start to get taller!

@Trizzoop, I’m no pro, but once flowering begins the plant will stretch. Is it an auto or photo? Also, you may want to start your own thread as you may get more replies.

I don’t know how lol

Plant looks young, node spacing is part light/part genetics.

If you want your plant to stretch in early veg you have to lower the wattage of the light or raise it. N wait. The plant is young n it will take a bit of time to switch gears. Plus the act of depriving it of light will also slow it’s growth.
If you do this however be prepared to have weaker stems, depending on your flower set up/training. The stems can catch up.

I run a perpetual so my plants veg/clone for 13 weeks and flower for 11. My veg room is 300watts about 3 feet over the plants to keep growth slow. Otherwise they will out grow veg area. (When they are clones n early veg the room is only 100w.

After harvest n dry they are moved to the 1200w flower room.

Don’t mind the Basil plant. Lol
That’s my over crowded veg area, moving to flower in 2 days. They have been topped multiple times.

I hope you find a good balance for what you are trying to achieve.

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