Soil Aeration Question

So I’ve been told my soil is to packed down and is not drying out fast enough between watering. Is there any way to get in and loosen amd aerate the soil without damaging the root system?

There is, but I’m not exactly sure what it’s called. Years ago my parents bought this special stuff to spread in our yard. It was specifically made to loosen up compacted dirt, and you were supposed to just sprinkle it through the yard then water it in. We never noticed if it actually worked haha, but I know they do make products for this problem. Give it s Google search and see what you come up with @Emagdnim367!

Worms will do the trick they are great for loosing pack soil , but don’t put to many in there are they can reproduce .

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Sounds good…i was thinkin the same thing. I’ll go up to my bait shop and get some night crawlers

Well went and got 2 boxes of worms for 3$ each…they actually had regular earthworms so i put i box in each plant. 24 worms per box. Hoping thats not too many…we’ll see what happens!

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Your plant will explode in massive growth quickly .

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Woke up today and like 5 or 6 of the worms per plant dried up and died lol, i figured that would happen. But the rest should be doin their work now!

I am still learning myself but it was recommended to me for any kind of indoor plants is to use "earthworm casings"
Supposed to make a natural fertilizer (similar to compost) and provide aeration… Some may turn into actual worms… But its basically worm poop.

Found them at a local hardware and garden store with the other premade growing soils… But yes as you said “we’ll see what happens” i have put a small amount in my first grow but i am still at the seedling stage. So i got a long wait to see