Soil advice plz

I feel like a broken record and I apologize in advance for not coming here first.

I bought some mother earth groundswell and made some TLO flower spikes for it. The plants look over watered even when they are dry. Read a bit now I’m assuming my pH is too high? This my first time really relying on soil as I’ve done all my grows with coco. I added soil acidifier yesterday cuz flushing couldn’t get under a pH of 7. Should I leave it be or consider adding peat? Also, any rough estimates on age of these. I know one is a week behind but I lost my journal. I appreciate the support

They look to be in around week 2 of flower.

Have you done a slurry test on the soil?

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Haven’t done a slurry since that’s always a debate, but I can. Runoff was 7.3 - 7 and nothing lower.

I’ve found a slurry test can vary a bit from just runoff. Imho it’s a better test than just runoff.

Are you sure your soil is dry when you water? I also don’t believe the tlo method requires watering to runoff… right?

Yeah I’m watering like every 3 or 4 days and I have the TLO book on stand by. He recommends a slight runoff and really emphasizes watering twice from where I read. A slurry isn’t a bad move I can totally do that. They say if it ain’t broke dont fix it but man the top looks miserable and the bottom was like I’m all good hahaha despite the fact that this “indica dominant” ran away like a sativa

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The plant stretched out like that because of inadequate light.