Soil advice for new grower

Hello all. I’ve recently begun research on growing and I’ve got all the equipment. What I need is information on soils, and newbie advice in general. I’m going to sprout White Widow and Grand Daddy Purp for my first grow. My current plan, once my seeds arrive, is to sprout them in rockwool. I’m then going to plant the rockwool in my soil, when they are ready at a week or so. I’m planning on 7 gal grow bags. For those interested, I’m running 2 4x4 tents with Mars Hydro 2k watt LEDs. 4 inch inline fan running through a carbon filter at 200 cfm for exhaust. Considering a bag of Exhale to boost CO2 levels. So, whatcha think?

@FreeMunny; Welcome to the community. I use a combination of FFHF and FFOF. Some growers on here use Pro mix.

I think if you have proper air exchange the exhale will be sucked out of your exhaust fan. I wouldn’t bother.
Otherwise you’re off to a great start.


I wouldn’t waste money on those Co2 bags. Get a few grows under your belt, get everything dialed in, then tackle incremental


might consider FF Happy Frog w/40% perlite…will self-feed for most of two months.