Soil additive dumb mistake

started seeing some brown spots and yellowing leaves about two weeks ago. check the PH going in but never out until last night. When I transplanted I placed a few broken bricks in the bottom of the pot thinking it would aid in drainage. Guess what…6.8 ph going in 8.3 ph coming out, I tested and flushed until I realized that it was the clay in the bricks making the soil too basic. I transplanted again remove the bricks and easily adjusted the ph afterwards.
Sometime a good idea turns out to be bad. I hope the plant survives.


I’m on my third grow,1 plant,two plants,now 3,and I’ve almost killed all of them at one point ,mostly due to lack of experience. People often talk about great genetics at ILGM, , I’m a believer! Hope your plants make it !


Nice catch! I’d have never thought of that.

ILGM s seeds are real tough! I’m sure they’ll be fine✌

Perlite and hydrotone are the best things to mix with your soil or coco for good aeration and drainage… :wink:
Just remember to rinse the hydrotone real good before using… :wink:
You don’t have to rinse perlite… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:

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Ahhh thank you! …

I am struggling with some plants and think you may have nailed it… I couldn’t work out what the issue is … I thought it might be some kind of cal-mag deficiency but maybe it’s the bricks…

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