SoHum Living soils

Just wanted to pass on my experience using this grow medium. I’m lazy and i like keeping it simple. I’ve used SoHum living soil for a few years now. It’s at the high end for pricing. But I do not add nutrients or worry about Ph. Seed to harvest just add water. I see where some growers add nutrients. This causes an imbalance in how the medium is meant to work. Also, I see where some plants are burning after germination. It’s too hot for seedlings. A 50/50 mix of SoHum and sphagnum peat moss in a quart container until the roots hit bottom works well. I then transfer into 7 gal cloth bags. The process I use is to “seat” the quart container into the medium of the 7 gal cloth grow bag until ready to transplant. When that puppy hits the pure SoHum after established I can hear it singing in the night like Little Shop of Horrors. For those squeamish about the price, consider the additional amendments and extra work involved. If your $45ish (1.5 cu ft) soil cost creates worry free growing ending up with a healthy 450 grams of medicine, I feel it’s totally worth it. Interested in hearing other thoughts on this.


Autos or photos?

I only use feminized and do not use auto flower as I like to time my flower period. Am going with SCROG this year. Just now germinating new crop. Will post photos and keep updated as time passes.


I started with the sohum soil. So far so good. I had a heavy hand at watering in the first 4 girls. I have got into the rhythm i hope. 1/4 gal ish
Every other day. They just flipped a few days ago. Fingers :crossed_fingers:


The claim from SoHum is that its hard to over water if used in cloth bags due to the makeup of the soil somehow regulating the amount of water/nutrient delivery. Can’t vouch for that and I’m sure not gonna experiment. Good luck


Could you share some pictures of how the plants turned out using Sohum living soil?

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I do not have pics from my last grow and am just germinating my next. Hit me up in June

Got up to 3 of 4 plants sad and droopy. Watered w2ith 1/4 ]gal each. Waking up now after 40 min. Have lights on full. PPFE ABOUT 920. Temp up to 83⁰ rh 45%. When i get to flower, that’s when they start going down hill. Flipped 2/10. First 2 pics are the girls that were flipped.

This pic is another 4 girls in veg with Sohum.
They go from this nice green to the duller green above.