SoGnotSOG A journal

Well said my brother.
Keep growing! Keep keeping the monster at bay.

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I have been trying to do that for 35 years now.

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Migraines, are everyday. The more light exposure the worse it gets right, Tokes malot I go to battle the dragons and monsters again :wink: I have to cut my children’s down soon :pensive: I feel bad a little.
A Blueberry, was mentioned. :thinking: I will see about that, I have some duds that wont sprout for my next grow and now I’m at least 2 weeks behind on it. Maybe they’ll send me something else like a blueberry instead of more duds.

I have Blueberry also. Regular seed. Haven’t tried growing it yet.

I can’t even start to imagine what y’all go through I have some pain like sciatic nerve damage it’s been so long my body’s basically became tolerate to it but I can’t still get bad pain in my broken foot and now my elbow where it dislocated and honestly I’m shocked how certain strains can be such a relief I’m glad to hear how much cannabis and cbd can be such a help to those who are in such pain every day


Plant updates :nerd_face::smile: Out of the 7 seedlings grown to maturity.
1 is a runt that’s throwing out dozens of new pistols and I cant shut it off. Buds are filling out and I’m glad I didn’t cull it, wont be “ready” for a couple weeks more at least. Its pot sister, is really filled out and I’ve had to tie up some colas because they are so heavy. 5 thru 7 a couple of the “corner” plants are really thin looking because of no light penetration earlier in the grow but the lower colas left are pretty decent. I’ve cut about half the smalls out and halfassed cured its amazing.
Vaped is the best, but I’m more of a mirco-dosing person, using once or twice a day wont work for me, and this weed is to powerful for vaping a full load. I have a decent desktop setup called Arizer, kinda like a volcano but no fan inside.
So even though I’m at “harvest” time at 12 weeks they aren’t done, I’m done using “my” method :smile: and I just gotta be “patient”

@Jackie_Daytona wwdits “BAT!”

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This is the runt, I put an 18" (46cm) piece of white board behind it. Just blowing up September like its 4th of July pistols :smile:



2 3 4 Simple, pick the one/s you think are done and the one/s you think could go longer. Based simply on pistol amount/color. I cant get a good pic of the trics with my old shakey hands but I can see them :grin:

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Dried in the dark at 85’f with low under 40% humidity for 4 days. I used a small electric heater looks like one of those little wood stoves, then transferred it to a paper bag last night

The trics glisten like diamonds with the flash on. Into the burping jar it goes. Just smalls and loose nothing like the bigger colas that are drooping and calling me to go tie them up :thinking: Sounds kinky to me :wink::smile:

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