SOG question about forcing a plant to flower

From a fellow grower: if you start from seeds and if you go 4 weeks veg and then cut the lights back with more plants the sog pattern will the yield and potency be the same or better or worse considering the maturity of the plant. Will a plant forced to flower after 4 weeks veg be just as potent as a plant that was 2-6 months old in veg before flowering and all from seeds not clones.

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You will get less yield from a smaller plant, but the age at which you flower the plant has no effect on potency.


Totally agree @MidwestGuy hope all is well i always pop in an out happy growing happy Monday


Agree with @MidwestGuy. I flipped 6 clones at week 4 for a SOG and the bud development and weight was great :love_you_gesture:


But that’s a clone from an existing plant, not seed. So unless that clone was taken from a 2 week old seedling, figuring 2 weeks to get roots, then it’s not the same age as the plants in question. Otherwise the clone is genetically the same age as the mother and that age isn’t determined by when the clone was cut, but by when the mother was popped.

One of the new things in growing is running a 12/12 schedule from the get-go with seeds - those plants WILL NOT flower until the plant itself is “sexually mature”.
It might be as soon as 4 weeks, but most strains it will be about 6 weeks, more with sativa-heavy hybrids.
I wouldn’t see any problem by switching to 12/12 after 4 weeks, but be forewarned that the plant may or may not respond just depending on how genetically mature she is.

Best of Luck to the grower!!


I have been growing 12/12 start to finish since May 2018. Just 1 month shy of the 4 year Anniversary.

I have extremely unique growing challenges that would stress out most growers. Example…the house RH% generally stays above 75% at all times. Then house temps hitting up to 100F. I wish I was joking.

My point is if you don’t have to pay 3x for power like I do and many other factors there is no real reason to grow 12/12 start to finish.

I have no choice. My walls have 0 insulation and no dry wall on this side. I can push in the wood paneling 2” in.

But Veg for 4 weeks then flipped to 12/12 will not hurt the plant nor your potential crop if you don’t say use to many nutrients for example. Obviously other factors as well. :+1:

4 weeks veg after a 2 week germ period would be the soonest recommendation on flipp’n the light. I know the clones were not 4 weeks, the flip I referenced was 4 weeks from planting in coco after the 2 week rooting period. Realistically would be hard to determine this way :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:. I was more speaking of size at the flip as well. Good points you mentioned



I flipped my first clone grow after about 3 and a half weeks, so almost 4 but I’ve read many places that you can really flip as soon as there are roots since the clone is technically the same age as the mother. Just depends of if you’re doing a true SOG or doing extra training like LST or additional topping/FIMming.

I didn’t want to really get into it too much for the customer service rep to have to relay to the questioner, but I’m a purist - SoG from seed DOES NOT EXIST! SoG is a technique and growing style involving the use of cuttings or clones. When you plant a bunch of seeds and grow them small that’s just a bunch of small plants and NOT a SoG - in MY opinion!

Good looking space you have there!!
I LOVED my SoG and will definitely be doing them again in the future!

My Skunk SoG -

12 1g bags in a 2x4. Next run will be 16 bags! Total yield was about a pound and a half in 9 weeks of flower - shoulda gone 10 for more amber! LOL!


Beautiful work!! Mine didnt start out as a SOG, I was attempting to run autos and photos together thinking I could run these together…nope :joy::joy:. That was my 3rd attempt with autos and photos together and the last. I was pleased with the outcome at 20 ounces of the best bud run for me so far and actually better then their mother. Agree on multiple 1 gallon pots and will be my approach when I decide to stuff another tent full or germ more seeds than space needed… that last part happens every time :joy::joy:

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