SOG is really awesome

I just completed my first SOG harvest. The results were amazing. I just purchased a second tent and a SF4000. My first SOG comprised of Gold Leaf and GG. The cuttings I used grew to be a very large bud each. I cannot see doing anything different from now on. I too love growing marijuana.


Can you share some photos with us?

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Yea what’s your stats on set up and overall yeild?

Hi I’m sorry that I didn’t get pictures. I am not asking for replacement seeds. It just gets frustrating when this happens. The seeds open part way, the root starts to grow, but the seed shell doesn’t open any further. The plant breaks the surface of the soil with the shell still attached. After breaking the surface, the plants do nothing. Trying to be careful to remove the shell has not gone well. Usually it breaks off with the two starter leaves still inside. I have tried several methods including saturating the seed shell, using tweezers to try to crack it open, and razor blades to pry it open. The two that I have successfully opened are growing slowly, which is not usual for the GL, since the plants grow very quickly.



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Spit will work to release the seed shell from the cotyledons. Just a little spit on your index finger and thumb, gently rub, and it should come off. If not, just apply a little more saliva and wait, then try again. After, a spritz with properly PH’d water and you are good to go.


I’ll try that next time. However, even when I got the seed shells off, the cotyledons were stuck together. I was able to get them apart, but it slowed down the growth for awhile. Thanks for your input.

Dillard aka Steven

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Being my first SOG grow, I had 12 plants that yielded 6-7 grams dry weight per plant. I did not put them into vegetation growth, but straight to flowering. Each plant had one main bud. It was easy to manicure. I am going to go with the larger light in the flower tent. Hope to fit 20-25 1 gal. pots, with two weeks veg growth before flowering. I am not trying to grow large amounts, but this is better than I was doing with growing full grown plants. Will post pics when I get set up.

Thanks for your interest!



The same sticky resin that his holding the seed casing onto the cots is also sticking the two leaves together - the same saliva/spit should dissolve it.

I assume your 12 plants were all from seed, and not from clone?

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Thanks again and yes all from seed

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