SOG experts, advice appriciated!

Hello experienced SOG artists, i could use some advice since i’m about to start a SOG grow which is my first SOG and my 3:rd grow all in all. And i know i’m not making this easy on myself but i can’t help it, i’m a die hard connoisseur so i just have to have a wide range of strains. + I have real issues with fatigue and sleeping problems so i’m self medicating myself with ganja everyday. So…i have seeds ready for about 20 different strains ranging from 100% indica to 100% landrace sativa (sativas are my passion n.1). I know i’m an idiot but that’s how it’s gonna be… I have a real passion with the different strains of cannabis and their various effect’s. From morning to day time and night time use, i mix it up all the time vaping a number of strains daily. I guess this was the ‘justification’ part, next comes the grow plan…
36 plants in a Gorilla Original grow tent 5x5 with Optic Led’s SLIM600H!!! (Just got my new toy cause i want the best for my girls! super exited!)
I would like some experienced help (please no “i feel like…” or “i heard from a friend that…” advices) cause i’m not fuckin around, i’m a 40+ year old man with 30 year’s of experience + a real passion and love for this holy herb… If someone who really knows what he/her is talking about is willing to help me i could give the strain names cause i could use some insight in the germination times first of all, i mean i should propably veg indicas some 2-4 weeks longer than most of the sativas to get the most uniform canopy, right?Differences in fertilizer levels + all other tips, hints and ideas related to the topic would be very very much appriciated!!!
Fly high!

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The first issue I see is trying to run a SOG with all kinds of strains. Your squaty indicas will suffer from the taller sativa plants. A good level SOG is usually a monocrop(one strain) and most of the time it is from clones. When the entire crop of seeds starts to grow, they will all be different. Some may be drastically different. The best way to utilize all the SQ FT in your tent would be to find a plant you like, take clones, and run a SOG with the clones. Doing this way insures a level playing field for the grow. 36 plants seems a little to high of a number, but I would have to assume you would be culling the weak performers as the weeks pass.


This nails it. The only thing I’d add is you can sprout 25 seeds, grow them out a little bit until they start to show traits, and then cull the stranglers. The idea here is hunting for a mother plant(s) to create those clones. So you want at least one more tent for moms and you’ll probably want multiple moms to generate enough clones without stressing out the donors. Optimally, you would have another section to veg your clones, but you can certainly turn the flower tent into a veg tent if you don’t mind an interruption in your harvests.

The counter-argument, in support of you current plan is that it might be cheaper. Let’s say you’re paying $6/seed. That’s $216/36 plants, although I think you’d fair just as well with 25 or 12. Starting from seed has the advantage of eliminating the need to keep mother plants, and avoids the cloning process. Indoors, mother plants and clones require electricity so they’re hardly free. Starting from seed allows you to take a break from growing in between runs. And if you make your own seed stock, you can bring the seed price way down.

You won’t get uniformity, but it could be made to work.

ILGM sells regular seeds. The catalog is limited at this moment, but they often have 5-7 regular cultivars in the store.

I complitely understand that this is your and majority of the growers opinion, goal, idea… But not all people grow for the same reasons and with the same end-goal. I’m not growing to sell first of all so the biggest possible yield is not my goal #1. I just love ganja, after my daughter it’s the most important thing in my life, no competition. My dream and my idea of best imaginable life in my circumstamces is the one with the most abundant variety of beautiful strains of weed at my access everyday. “It’s a sunny saturday morning and i’m at my summer cottage by the seaside, i wake and bake with amnesia haze or jamaican dream…during the day i steam some high energy sativa if i got things to do or some nice hard hitting psychedelic sativa if i’m just chillin out. At the evening some gorilla glue and possibly bad azz kush or k-train for sleep…”…this was sort of a my idea of a perfect day. And not to repeat the same strains every morning, day and night. So strangely enough, my goal is not the highest level SOG possible or the best return possible, my goal is to have all the wonderfull strains that i want in my life everyday and make this the best life for me. I can’t stress enough how much i love and enjoy the different effects of different strains. + I also have these real medical issues, fatigue and sleeping problems, for which i’m constantly searching for the best medicative strains available. I guess it takes a like-minded person to understand at all where i’m coming from. I fully understand that this is against your and most of the growers goals and ideology. I just try to make the best possible end results in these shitty frames that i’ve gotta (chosen to) work with…so if anybody has any piece of information that is usefull in my situation, helps at all in my difficult attempt to make my life the best possible, please send your positive energy my way.
Fly high everybody!

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I’ve allready got all the seeds (and i paid a hell of a lot more for them). I tried to describe my angle to cannabis in the previous mail, i’m a poor construction worker but i dont skimp when it comes to the love of my life. I want the exact strains from the exact seed banks and it doesn’t come cheap but that’s what i want. I understand that i can’t have anywhere near ideal uniformity and i’m not stressed about it, i’ll have as much as i want of beautiful buds for myself everyday quite easily until the next grow and that makes me a happy camper. Not worried about continuity, not growing during summertimes. I’m gonna have more than enough to sustain my habbit and my idea of the best possible life.
What comes to the amount of plants, i have no experience in SOG as i’ve said. In an article in Robert’s own grow guides it says the ideal amount of plants for SOG is 1-2 to square feet. So by that grow guide the right amount for my tent would be 25 to 50, i picked the middle ground (50 seems ridiculouss even for me) and don’t want to lower it too much simply because of the amount of the strains that i want. I have basicly 2 of each strains planned so then i can eliminate or otherwise lose one of each and still have some buds coming from all of my chosen strains. Could possibly think about reducing the final amount of flowering plants to 25 but that’s absolutely the lower limit.

Thanx for your thoughts copper!

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If you’re set on that high a plant count in that small a space I suggest you research bonsai and micro grow strategies, because half-following SOG isn’t going to yield traditional SOG results. 12-25 identical clones is the appropriate starting point for a SOG in a 5x5.

Hobbling the plants could result in weird stress-reactions. Like hermaphrodism expression or really underwhelming yields. You probably won’t see the expected phenotypical expression the cultivars are capable of.

If you flower four plants at a time in that 5x5 space, you can expect good results. And those harvests may tide you over until the next one; they would for me. If you add a second 5x5 tent and veg your plants under less powerful lights, you can reduce the turnaround.

Looking into that light, it seems like a proven unit, but it probably covers about 12sqft. They claim 16sq ft, so let’s give them that. It still leaves 9-10 square feet poorly lit. You can add more light, buy a 4x4 tent (ouch, because you just purchased a nice 5x5), or make due with what you have and try to use a 12-16sqft area inside your 5x5.

Edit: @dbrn32 is really the best person to comment on the adequacy of your light. I was looking at the wrong model. Your proper lamp seems closer to good than inadequate.

I’m gonna germinate the first seeds propably in a few weeks so i still have some time to think for the final adjustments but i’ll take your advice and drop the amount of plants in my grow-plan to 25. I guess the article had it upside down if it’s more like 1 plant per 1-2 square feet rather than 1-2 plants per square feet. Thought that it was crowded too to be honest but they had me fooled since they talked so much about keeping the pot size appropriate to contain the size of the plants + choosing strains with a dominant apical mainbud and then trimming off most of the surrounding branches, is it called ‘mainlining’, i’m not sure (i’m Finnish and very rarely get to use much english). I just can’t go down to 4 plants cause i need much more variety and different strains. Once again, the turnover or the uniformity for a biggest possible yield are not on the top of my list of most important things.

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If you mentioned grow medium, I didn’t see it. Are you okay with hydroponics?

I could see 5 gallon totes or buckets with DWC and 2-4” baskets working okay. Bigger totes are more cost effective, but more smaller ones let you dial in the nutrients for each strain (assuming 1 cultivar per reservoir). You can cover multiple reservoirs off one air pump, but you’ll want heaters for each reservoir. If heat becomes an issue, you’re at an impasse due to the cost of chilling. I’d run a GH nutrient schedule.

Edit: DWC stands for Deep Water Culture. Basically the roots hang into an aerated nutrient solution.

Let me know if you need me to say something again in a simpler way.

This is the type of tote I’m talking about. Black plastic is ideal because it helps prevent algae blooms. Food-grade hydrogen peroxide will also help, if you can get it.

So you are gonna re-design my whole grow-op, from the lights to the growing medium…I didn’t ask any advice on those things. I just bought one of the best damn lights on the market today and you start to bash it right away! Look at the ppfd charts and other specs! I have better things to do than argue with you about stupid irrelevant shit so smoke a huge ass blunt and chill mister!!

Take it easy, bud.


It will work, but they still need to get away from their bs advertising. This is not how radiometric efficacy is calculated.

If they had a fixture worth $1200, they would post the integrated sphere data like the other companies that sell $1200 grow lights.


wow did you see that coming?

@ganjaforlife reading your post I was reassured that your slightly pompous attitude had something to do with a language barrier. using good manners takes less time and causes less trouble. if you weren’t interested in the answer that you got you should have just said thank you and filed it.

I tagged this post as soon I read his first post . I was interested to see what direction this was heading.

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LOL!! I hear ya.


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