SOG autoflowers

A question from a fellow grower:

I have 50 autoflowering seeds now and there are 10 plant species.
I have a room size 5*10. It’s just only a room whit light , water and 2 vent for aspilator that in middle of a small garden.
I want to grow indoor and az i said above i have 10 model diffrent of autoflowering seed .
I want to now can i grow SOG and your opinion what i need to can do that beter?
And at the end tanks so much for your service

Sea of green needs an even canopy…something you will never accomplish with 10 varieties.
SOG is best with clones from one plant so they all grow similarly.

You could try one kind of auto cannabis, you’ll still get differences, hopefully less severe.

imo, autos are best outdoors for short grow seasons.
Just grow feminized plants and start flowering after one month veg.

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