Soft water system being used 328ppm and 668ec

How do I go about measuring my nutrients? Wouldn’t the high base numbers kind of limit me? It usually comes out at 7.5ph.

Sit on an aquifer so we pump our water in.btw then hits filter then soft water which is set at 50 right now

My water pH ranges from 7.9 to 8.7 for the record. The PPM is between 250 to 300. I have no issues growing with these numbers.

I have compared my ppm going in with the FF Dirty Dozen and its within their range they recommend for each week.

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I’ve been reading and I think it’s my aquifer water being ran through a water softener.

My half brother always has a soft water system in his house. I hate it personally. Our water is on the hard side. I kinda wish I had a soft water system just to see if it makes a difference with growing va hard water growing.

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If it’s a salt based water softening system, you don’t want to use it on your plants.


That’s what I read, the extra salt, slowly dehydrates. Also, saw you could use potassium version of salt. Idk, go to the store and buy some 5-gallon water jugs? But an osmosis system? I do have the ability to tie into the line going outside, which doesn’t pass through my system. Really looking into if I should just base nutrition ppm off of 300, basically leaving me to add 100-150 ppm of nutes. At this stage I don’t need to add anything, just working on my map through this first run

Have you watered with your water before, I think you’d be surprised to see you’ll be fine using it. Like Peat said I have no problem with mine as well with 7.5/8 pH & about 125. And no you don’t have to include the present #ppm just add your 1/4 or 1/2 strength nutes fir first couple runs and see!!!

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I will have to do some experimenting. Thanks for the input.