Soft train in a green house

Here is a green house experiment using a tomatoe planet in a green house from late February and running till the end. This is one cherry tomatoe plant that now looks like 20. It has been trained parallel with a the ground 3 times. So instead of one main top, I have 25+ and 100 fold buds. Average temp 115 and humidity 76 percent. No fert just ground water. I will be transferring a picture pinapple Express in there when I rip the tomatoe plant out of the ground and see how that does.


short growing plants with budding, extremely short plants … what wrong, Plenty of Sun here in SW Florida & rain


The point is, instead of topping you can soft train them to grow more bud. Hello? Mcfly!!

Plus get more bud then stunting growth. I lived in Florida for half a year and then in Ct the other half.