Soft stalk right at base, almost slimy

so after watering (of course) i notice one my ladies is soft at the base of stalk ,mushy and almost slimy…stem rot? Some type of mold? Its first week of flower and i stressing a bit ,dont know if i should remove her from the rest just incase it spreads or if there is something i can do to fix it before it gets worse?

Any and all input is appreciated thank you!

Your overwatering and it’s causing the plant to damp off…
Shes is going to die if you dont stop overwatering…


What he said. :point_up_2::point_up_2:


Maybe aerate the top layer of soil some a couple times and a fan for good air movement…which you should have regardless.


Agree with the over watering. Understanding the soil is key. We allow our plants to slightly dry out a bit. Never to the point were the plant is wilting or can really even tell. We feel the plants enjoy this and have never had an issue :wink:
Happy growing…


Im in coco and im only watering 2wice a day hour after lights on and hour before …10-20% run off and it is only the one plant so i dont get how im over watering …the coco is basically dry when i feed and middle of veg i was watering 3 times a day once light hour after lights on and once light mid day and then 20% run off hour before lights off. It seems better today, not as mushy not shiny, i guess i just try watering 1nce a day mid day and water a bit heavy and see how that works.

I have 3 fans in there already i added a small one on floor pointed up at canopy from underneath hopfully that will get some better flow.

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I never water until the girls wilt they only reach for the lights usually after feeding, i always make sure the medium is dry at least the top anyways, and yeah i agree they do seem to respond well to making sure they are thirsty before i feed . I agree with everything everyone had suggested i just don’t get how all of a sudden ,its water too often. But because i know i have been wrong one time before i am scaling it back.

Appreciate all the feedback guys ,your all too kind and so quick to help…this place is awesome!


They lookin alright first week flower


You look to be on the right track. Keep up all the great work :slight_smile:


Thanks Hippie ,appreciate that! It becomes a lot easier when you get guidance from a community of humble, modest, likeminded, all around great people!