Social call and Shout to the Wizard

@merlin44 social call brother, checking in on ya :love_you_gesture: and hoping you and the Mrs Merlin are doing good and enjoying the down time. Miss seeing those awesome grows .


Yeah , I second that I was thinking about @merlin44 this week noticed I haven’t seen him posting in a while.


And just like that


Wow, thanks for the shout out @OGIncognito and you as well @kellydans.

Mrs Merlin and I are doing OK and working our way back to being healthy again. During my long period of illness I lost all of my strength and stamina due to inactivity. While this was going on our property was taken over by the forest. It got totally out of control. Most of our 2 acres is forested and we don’t bother with it but the cleared area near our house became over grown with weeds and brush.

Rather than hiring someone to come in, we decided to use the sizable job as a way to get healthy again. We have been chopping and cutting for the past month and started hauling last week since we have the new truck now.

We have seen a dramatic improvement in our strength and stamina. It was a rough start as we could only work for 8 minutes before becoming exhausted. We now work for 20 - 30 minutes per session with several sessions each day. That may not sound like much but it is quite a lot more than we could accomplish at the start. We are about 60% finished with the project and intend to keep it under control going forward.

I do plan on starting a grow early in September but only a couple of plants rather than the 6 to 8 plants that I have grown in the past.

Again, thank you for nudging me back into the community. Having all of you as friends has meant a lot to both Mrs Merlin and me.

In closing, I want to tell everyone just how impressed I am with and how proud of my sweetie I am. She continues to handle her cognitive decline with extraordinary grace. She has agreed to stop driving (as of April) without pushing back, she recognized that driving was becoming less and less safe for her and others. We continue to be very happy together despite our respective health issues.

Signing off for now, happy growing everyone. I will be back in the garden very soon.

I see @dbrn32 there as well. It will be nice to renew contact with all of you in the coming weeks.


Great news to our growing family. You have helped many on this site and for one glad to have you around again. thanks for your sharing of growing. :bat: :rofl:


It’s nice to hear @merlin44
Stay strong!


He really is a wizard, if you summon his name he’s magically there!
Awesome to hear you’re doing much better @merlin44 wishing both of you the best, and continue building your stamina.
Look after yourselves first, the forum will be here.


@OGIncognito @kellydans @dbrn32 @thecount13 @Nicky @Covertgrower (plus everyone that dropped in for a visit) Thank you so much for all of the kind words and support.

I just finished cutting some more trees and loading the truck with cut weeds, brush and tree limbs. I worked hard for over an hour without killing myself. I actually have enough left in “my tank” to take the debris to the compost site and unloading it before calling it a day.

Even though I still have pounds of bud laying around, I am really looking forward to getting a grow going. Maybe I should decarb a bunch of it and throw it in the forest for the squirrels and deer. LOL


Don’t forget the fence, you want to keep that entertainment in the yard for a little while. Haha.

We are looking forward to your journaling as well, but life gets in the way, and you have to take care of you first. We completely understand that, and we’ll still be here.


Just thinking about a bunch of stoned deer and squirrels made me laugh as I wrote it. Did I mention that our property sits on the side of a mountain and is VERY steep.


It made me laugh out loud reading it… :joy:


I’ve seen that drop off you night be hunting deer with buds lol


Glad to hear you’re on the mend , life’s all about moving when we stop moving , things tend to not work as well. You got the right pace a little more each day. Good luck my friend.


Amen to that Covertgrower :love_you_gesture:


Hilarious, I had…well my daughter that got into one of my old stash bags and was stoned to the bone. Couldn’t keep her away after that, she loved shotguns. Brother Merlin it’s awesome to see you and MS Merlin back on your feet and active. I’m dying for tour next grow. Much love and respect to you both :love_you_gesture:

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Edit to that last post, not my daughter her dog

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