Soaking too long

Hi, I have my seed soaking in the water now for over 72 hrs, I see it is cracked open very little, but no tail,
Please help, what next

I’d take it out of the water and put it in a folded over wet paper towel and in a dark, warm-ish place. Should get a tail shortly.
You need to get some oxygen to the root.
It can actually drown under water.


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Try drop some little amount of peroxide on the water

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I agree with @Tylersays and if I am speaking from experience my first bubblegum seed I tried germinating didn’t do anything and I believe it was because it sat in water for 60-72 hours

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If it’s cracked I’d put it in the soil pointy end down…


Take them out of the water place on paper towel cover the seeds with paper towel and then tip some of the water on the paper towel and place in zip lock bag and put into a dark warm place

I usually have to soak mine for 3 or 4 days to get them to sprout a tail. From there they go directly in the soil.