Soaking seeds in rain water

G’day I’ve been following how to germinate my seeds . I used clean water from our rain water tanks .

And have soaked them in a small plastic cup . The first three seeds cracked open within 12 hours . Two amnesia haze and one sour diesel . The second of the sour diesel is still soaking. 91 hours now . But no sign of it swelling up or cracking open . . This is the second lot of seeds I’ve tried to germinate . I believe that I killed the first lot with over watering . Should I give ILGM a msg to let them know or am I stuffing something up . This isn’t the first time that I’ve grown but it has been 25 plus years between grows . All help needed

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I just had 2 seeds that barely had a tap root. I put them in their final resting place and I didn’t think they would pop. It took them almost a full week in the soil and they are turning into some nice looking girls.

You may want to take it out of the water and place it in a damp paper towel for a couple of days. This is where they will grow a tap root.

Plant in soil and if they don’t pop, write them and see how it can be corrected.


as mentioned @MrPeat after soaking 24 to 30 hours at the most move on to the paper towel method. Good luck with your germinationk.

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I do 24 hours in water then straight to soil, no tap roots, 8 for 8 on germination , and i never touch with bare hands


Add a couple drops of hydrogen peroxide to the water in the cup and the water you soak the towel with.

The prolonged germ period is susceptible to mold.

Good luck!


1/2 teaspoon daily. I’d give it as much as a week. Add peroxide daily or change the water daily. I’ve had seeds (Sour Diesel in fact!) take up to 6 days to crack.


Yes , they are Sour diesel . How does the peroxide help with the germination ? I changed the water after 24 hours , so three times now . Should I try the paper towel or use seed raising potting mix ? Thank you for your input . Happy growing to everyone

It’s an oxidizer. Adds O to the water.

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Thank you Myfriendis410 .

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Ok I’ve got myself some hydrogen peroxide and added a couple of drops to the cup . Which now has some wet paper towel at the bottom and has the seed wrapped up in

hopefully now the seed will crack/ pop open . Thank you all for your input . If this doesn’t work in three days I’ll make contact with ILGM .

Take the paper towel out of the cup and lay it flat on a plate. Put your seed in the middle then cover it with another flat paper towel. Moisten with water just until it runs off the plate.
Handle your seed with tweezers, not your hands.
A seed wasped up in a scrunched p-towel can’t “breathe”.
Putting H202 diluted water on a paper towel won’t do much as it chemically transitions into H20 pretty quickly, therefore you lose it’s oxygenation benefits almost immediately. It works while it’s in solution but exposed to the environment it degrades quickly.


the2409labs , thank you for your advice . Did you read my first post . About what I’ve been up to so far ? Just hoping for more advice . Thank you.

I just went back and re-read it to make sure I have the full picture.
Rainwater technically shouldn’t be an issue, but i recommend the following: always check your pH. Every. Single. Time. Not sure where you live but you need to be mindful of acid rain. Also, the pH of your water may change over time depending on how much rain you do or don’t get, condensation and evaporation, the possible particulates in your water and the varying concentration of those particulates as the water evaporates… etc. So each time you grab some water, check the pH.
Also consider researching the quality of the rainwater in your area. Ask your local health department or water department. Take a sample to your water board and ask them to test it. The last thing you want is e. Coli or coliform bacteria partying in there. Every so often drop some H202 in there (hydrogen peroxide). Try to get at least 29%. 35% is considered Food Grade. The pharmacy and grocery store sells 3%. Anything else you will need to order or get specifically at the grow shop.
NOW, in terms of your unsprouted seed: everyone else is right and has given you on point advice. What I can add is my personal way to test whether or not a soaked seed is a dud. Using tweezers, GENTLY (so fucking gently) poke the seed. If it’s mushy, or you can easily push a dent into the seed then dump it. She’s “stillborn.” If the seed still has some integeity then continue to wait.
I also put my towel soaking seeds on a heating mat in a dsrk cabinet. The gentle heat from a horticultural heating mat seems to treat my infants (germinating seeds) really well.
I don’t germinate seeds often anymore because my lab clones (wait until you are ready to clone! Your world will change!!) but germinating seeds is one of my most favorite things to do. My lab recently introduced a new strain in order to hybridize which obviously required seeds, which I was incredibly excited about. Our germination rate was 97%.
Everyone seems to have their own, personal germination process which you will undoubtedly develop as you mature as a grower, but what I do is this:

  1. Investigate my seeds. I choose the seeds with the most pronounced mottling and markings, the largest and the best shaped. If you only have like 10 seeds then that’s not really an option.
  2. I prepare my water. My facility has a well specifically optimized for horticultural use but you can use your rainwater (after following the advice from the above experts). Many people say you don’t have to, but I do pH my water to 6. I don’t go below 5.8 and I don’t go above 6.1. That seems to be MY personal money spot.
  3. Drop my seeds into the water. I use tweezers to spend a few seconds dunking them under the surface a few times. Then I put the flask in my germination cabinet. That’s just fancy talk for “dark cabinet with a heating mat.”
  4. Leave them alone. Resist the urge to open the door every few hours to check on them. They’re fine.
  5. 24 hours later I open the cabinet and check to see who’s sprouted or cracked enough to where I can see a bit of white. For those that have I:
  6. Prepare my paper towels. ONE paper towel on the bottom and one for the top. I prepare this on a basic, flat, plastic or melamine white plate. I use a 10ml syringe to snag some water from my cup. I saturate the bottom until it’s evenly wet. Not drenched. Then I line my cracked seeds up in a line in the middle. Then I put the second paper towel on top, snag more water from the cup and saturate the top towel. Into the cabinet they go.
    Every 3 or 4 hours I check my floating seeds.
  • another way I know my seeds are ready for the towels is when I bop them they easily sink to the bottom of the cup.
  1. After everyone is moved to the towels I check every 2 to 3 hours to make sure my towels are moist. They shouldn’t be soaked. Every 4 hours I lift the top towel to check for sprouts. Anyone with a 1/4" tail or longer moves to the collars and into the Clonex system it goes. If you’re using soil plugs then that’s when they go.

I realize that’s a lot to read but that’s what works for ME in my setting. All of the advice from the others will also work and eventually you will mix and match techniques and find that smooth groove that works for you in your setting!!
Either way, you’ve got this!! The forum experts will always be here to help and offer guidance.
Happy growing!!


Thanks for giving up some of your techniques the2409labs . I don’t have a heating mat nor do I have a ph test kit . But in time I should have . I’ve been using the hints that all have given. And I do use tweezers to handle the seeds . Thanks to everyone who has replied to this thread .

I got myself a PH test kit for water today . And tested the water I’ve been using to germinate my sèeds . If I’m reading the color chart right the PH is between 6-6.5 .