So who knows how to do a hydrogen peroxide flush? I meed help

So i am having to do a hydrogen peroxide flush tonight but need to know exactly how much to use. My girls about 2 months old , ilgm super skunk just about to start flowering but she is showing signs of root rot. Im growing in soil , 5 gallon smart pot …ffhf soil with a 5% promix base . Just need to know how much hydrogen peroxide to use ? All help and advice is greatly appreciated.

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What are the signs? Root rot in soil is not common unless you are overwatering the crap out of the plants. Does it really smell nasty when you water? Most anaerobes will die when they dry out.


Hey @WickedAle im going to tag you in my other post so you can maybe help and see what im dealing with if thats ok brother ?


Tag me in.