So this happened today

So i did not see this this morning when i peeked inside my tent. Just got home from work and there it was. Any ideas on what i can be? Its just that one leaf

How’s top growth looking? What’s your temp and humidity? Nutrient feeding and age of plant? Grow medium? More info the better!

Looks like a broken leaf, or maybe it got caught in a feed/water.
I dont see any others. Cut it off and continue. I wouldn’t worry.


Gorilla glue

Temps about 79-82° with lights on

Humidity about 40-44% with lights on

FFOF soil

FF trio for nutes

Waterd with 30ml big bloom/gallon 10/18

Almost one month old its my most trouble one :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

She looks okay. I’ve heard of some phenos being really fussy when it comes to gorilla glue and can go from fine to bad real fast. Keep an eye on those tips, if they get worse I would consider easing up on the feed a little. Other than that I wouldn’t worry too much!

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Alldone hopefully it doesn’t happen again.

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Perfect thanks :pray:t4:

Do you have a grow journal going? If not definitely consider it! That way if anything goes wrong all the growers here have all the info they need to help you out! If you start one please tag me in👍

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Its possible the plant is ditching the leaf because its touching the dirt? Many plants will do that. Much like trees letting branches in the shade die because they take more energy fo keep alive.


@Cannabian is right I’ve read numerous times not to let the leaves touch the soil. I would take a fist full off that bottom and let her focus that energy on the top. Great looking plant tho! Keep up the good work!

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Fist full of leaves ?

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Any recommendations tips or tricks on my other two would be greatly appreciated :love_you_gesture:t4:

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Like online? I do keep at home a notebook with what i do on the daily

I do this and it’s just in my little time of experience I found it beneficial or my plant and I read and watched a shit ton saying it is beneficial lol this is just for example I took the pics right meow just for reference :grin:

Think im gunna try it with one and see how is goes for me. Its just cutting the fan leaves right ?

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You do what you feel is good for you and your plants bro they look amazing, I’m just saying what’s helped me out and I feel would help other growers. :grin: and I take whatever is in that fistful vicinity if that makes sense whether it be ban leaves or potential budsites unless they’re already a decent size and you’re instinct will tell you what not to take off. Again this is from my own experience and research from reading and watching. You’ll see what I’m talking about once you get your first grow under your belt. :+1::blush:

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If you start a grow journal please tag me in also,


I’ve had leaves touching the soil and every leaf that does die off. That is what it looks like.

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@420j0hn check out the grow journal section in the beginners forum. You can look through a bunch and get a feel for how everyone logs their progress.

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