So this ace seed is an short stuff and only water with cal mag

And the purp was really pretty.

. The weight was 220 grams. And i got half of this purple narco which weighed 187.3 grams all wet weights. My tap water which has 340 to 410 ppm and recommended use of cal mag. Water sat 24 hrs with an air stone in it. No nutes


Hey @Soilgrowth
Is that a Nacro Purp auto if so now long was that grow ive got two at over 60 day just starting to fill out and wow yours looks great

I had almost 75 days. And yes narco purp auto. Smells like fruity pebbles?


My ladies are running late i guess lol but there filling out so fingers crossed

I got at least 2 ounces dry weight.

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They wont turn purple unless they hit 62° at night. Cold weather triggers the color. Look at this purp kush auto

i let this one hit 58° for a week the most purple plant and 1.5 ounces. The colder it gets slow the yeild. But its some really tasty very potent stuff.


My plan is get it to 60 degrees last two weeks and thats when there ready to cut ill give them two extra and hope for purple id love my buds to look that way