So these are both supposed to be Amnesia Haze Auto's, but that doesn't appear to be the case

So I bought a mix pack of auto’s, 15 seeds. I didn’t plant them all at once mainly due to limited space. As my first plants were 3/4 of the way to harvest I planted the last of my seeds, 2 northern lights and 2 amnesia haze. My Delima is the 2 amnesia haze look nothing alike. My first thought is maybe one is an auto and the other is not, but this is my first grow, so knowledge is limited to what I’ve read, which is vast but still limited, there’s so much to learn. So I’m hoping that someone with more experience than myself can shed some light on why these 2 plants appear so different. Well let me rephrase, I’m sure they look different because they are, but can someone tell by looking at them what are. I’m pretty sure the taller flowering one is, in fact, an amnesia haze, but the shorter one with the much larger leaves, is the one I’m unsure. So here are a few pictures of the two, and their stems showing the sex or lack of. Thanks for any help.

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The “Ruderalis” or “auto” genes don’t carry over to all seeds of a batch. When they breed Autos, they take a Photoperiod and a Ruderalis and breed them a few generations to make them more stable. “More stable” is not 100%. They may have the same parents, but one kid didn’t get the gene. Happens all the time. Not a flaw, just life. (Unless you use pollen from the same plant to pollinate itself, then your odds of stability go up)

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So the one is not an auto. That really sucks because I’m growing outside and don’t have any equipment to transfer to an indoor plant, This is going to end up being a throwaway plant.

Give it time. It could be slow to flip.


I vote give it time I’ve had autos start flowering a month apart planted on the same day. Nice looking plants good luck.


EVERY seed is a random mix of growth factors. Even seeds from the same plant will grow into different profiles. Some seeds hatch and just never grow. Some grow good then just die off.
This is why it’s a good idea to plant extra in case some don’t work out.


Not totally random. Actually very predictable if you know the parents even more so if you know the grandparents.

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The majority will show the desired growth patterns. However…each seed is like a box of chocolates…you never know what your gonna get. Some adhere to the expected patterns. Some do not.
This is why some of the growth will be unexpected.

I had an amnesia haze auto do that exact same thing. It got to 1.4m tall inside the tent and didn’t show a sign of flowering or anything for that matter. Every time I thought it was revealing itself, it just became new growth. This was after 9 weeks in veg and after that I flipped them and it still didn’t show anything and after a bit over 5 weeks in flower, I pulled it. Didn’t have the room. I did have a few issues with all my autos. None of them flowered until I flipped them and they are as different as they can be. 2 of the haze are similar but the 3rd looks completely different. I’ve got a good range for the blueberry also with 1 at 1.3m tall, the 2nd a bit smaller and much smaller and sporadic buds and the 3rd one is quite small but the buds are very fat. It is what it is lol.

So what does it mean to flip a plant?

Flipping just means to change the light cycle to 12/12 to induce flowering. With autos you normally don’t have to do anything but it doesn’t always work that way, but all photoperiods need to be flipped to a 12/12 light cycle for flowering.

Got it, thanks. Yeah first time grower, and haven’t even smoked for 40 years, (military retired), but now that it’s legal in Michigan I figured why not. So bought a green house. Got it put together and since I was starting late in the season, I figured I’d go with autos, so that’s really all I’ve been steadying. Next year I’ll go half photo’s and half auto’s. Thanks everyone for all your input. I think this one is probably not an auto. It shows now sign of flowing when it shows actually be ready for harvest in less than a month, but I’ll let it go as long as I can. Actually going to have to put the green hose in the barn for the winter. It would never make it outside in the upper peninsula of Michigan in the winter


I got a strain that was bred from 3 strains + Ruderalis and outta 7 seeds we got 3 different looking plants and buds. I had 4 that have hairy nice colas, one that gave green knoby big buds with only a couple hairs, and 2 that turned purple! I bought more just to see what I’ll get lol

And this grow I had one auto start flowering at 2 1/2 weeks, the other didn’t start till almost 5 weeks… ya never know lol autos!!

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I had an amnesia auto outdoors that never flowered. it was 5’6" last i saw her and well over 14 weeks from seed. i had no way of giving her darkness to see if i could get her to flower. i looked at getting a greenhouse like what you bought, so maybe you can cover it and see if that’ll work. i wasn’t sure how to get it enough ventilation and was sadly easier to just let her go.

Yeah, I’m afraid I may have to let this one go also. I really don’t think this is even an amnesia haze. If you look at the leaves they are very wide, indicating this is likely an indica. A couple of these fan leaves are about a foot long now. She’s a beauty, but I’ve got 3 that should be ready in about 2 weeks and her, and she still hasn’t started flowering yet. I’m already going to need to put a heater out there for the nights coming up. Then I’ve got wheels top to attach to the platform of the greenhouse so I can just roll it into the barn. If I wait for her I’m afraid it’ll be mid-winter. She really beautiful, but this is the downside of living in the upper peninsula.

that stinks, sorry. i know how much work goes into them. this was mine.

@Cbrinson which side of the yoop are you from?

Sault Sainte Marie

I envy y’all that can grow outside without fear of Johnny Law showing up!