So tell me, when you took the practice scholastic aptitude test, did you know the answers or did you guess?

You look like Snuffleuffagus and Astropithecus.

9 weeks from seed! chopped from 20" to 9" tall, 50% biomass lost, 2’x2’ now. She can easily fill a 4x4 by herself, once she spreads those wings. Get me some percasets.

Currently being fed at 3.6EC, with potsil and bug soup.

Ha Ha, Ha Ha.

Uh huh, Uh huh


3.6 ec jeez she must be a hungry hungry hippo :laughing:


I guessed, and passed. So, I’ve been living with that mindset and has been a staple in every decision I’ve ever made. Eff it. :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :joy:.

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You’d think right, 3.6EC an no burn, look down in there she’s robbing nutes from lower leaves. This isn’t gonna be fun to clean out once I see who wants to stretch upward in a day or two.

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What was or is she strain wise?

That one is Dutch Passion “Ultimate” x “Galactic God”, a cross from a grower on another channel. I have a gold leaf and BD in there but they don’t look like that.


Umm yeahhh especially sense she isnt even in flower yet 3.6 blows my mind for veg lol

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Dream with the feathers of Angels stuffed beneath your head!

3.6EC, 12" tall, 3 days flip one of 4 F.

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Humic/Kelp/Enzymes/Aminos/Molasses/Silica breakfast Soup for the Lady, others jacks only.

Going on the bench tonight for a full undercarriage check-up.

Gonna be clean up time soon, need to decide on the keeper bud sites - These are gonna be like actual work.

Convict 123u83u029i Males Prison - Death Row

Convict 123u83u029i Females Prison - Release Immediately

Convict 23429309u093u Males Prison - Death Row

Convict 2903u2889u Males Prison - Death Row

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Death Row …but first pollen collection.
Regs are a PIA, such nice plants to kill.

Apple Fritter - Licorice/Jager Kush - White Caviar Runtz

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Marker - Update photos later
Day 25 post flip, autopots on at 3.7EC, pH 6.0. Leak/overflow check in p.m.

Before defol.

After defol, doesn’t look like much, she’s thick as a brick, was a full paper shopping bag full of fans and larf.

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Big Booty Girls update. 12/12 Flip on 4.25 (31 days - 1 week trans/3 weeks flower) stackin on up. Just getting her nails did at 3.7EC / Gonna supp. a small MKP hit and see how she likes the Big P.

Don’t mind the orange hairs, not pollinated (90% sure)/ It’s my aggressive handling to defoliate.

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Hey kid, are you going my way?
Hop in, we’ll have ourselves a field day.
We’ll find us some spacegrass,
Lay low, watch the universe expand.
Skyway, permanent Saturday.
Oh, by the way, Saturn is my rotary.
Hop in, it’ll be eternity
Till we make it to M83.

Once around the Sun, cruising, climbing.
Jupiter cyclops winks at me, yeah, he knows who’s driving.
Hit neutral in the tail of a comet.
Let the vortex pull my weight.
Push the seat back a little lower.
Watch light bend in the blower.
Planets align.
Jesus on the dashboard.

Those some gorgeous girls you got growing.

Happy growing

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Thank you kindly sir.

Long way to go, short time to get there.

Hope the she-bandit keeps on runnin, she’s eating heavy.

I can only imagine. Those some huge colas

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Pic is un-intentionally deceiving, that second pic is only about 4 maybe 5 inches tall of pileup. Mostly ping pong ball sized popcorn at this point.

Getting Close - two weeks.
Day 54 from flip. So roughly 7 weeks flower.

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