So, tell me about the cure

Been at it a while. Seem to take most plants (photos) around 100 to 120 days. By looking at the trichomes and going by the chart. But I find that my smoke is somewhat lacking in potency. Patience is definitely an issue I find myself not being able to give the Cure the proper time needed so what I need is someone with better knowledge to give me the tools to make myself have the patience to get a proper cure.
I want to follow the science LOL.

I cure in Ball jars. One dry zip per quart Ball jar. It’s helpful to burp the jars a couple of times a day for a few days, then once a day for a couple of weeks. It’s helpful to cure longer, but I’ve found that after 2 weeks of cure the weed is smokable. Maintain humidity in the jars at around 60%.

Potency issues are more likely to be light or nutrient level issues during the grow versus the cure.


If you have not already done so consider individual hydrometers in the curing jars. Assuming you are using jars. Takes the ‘art’ out of the ‘burping’ process somewhat and easier to keep it in the cure range. Slower as you will read is better too. Dry and cure both, for example, I had to build a dry box environment in the dry months to hydrate and extend the dry period. Consider it like building the micro environment for your grow, only in the cure which in my case provides improvements but not perfection. Sometimes micro improvements. :slight_smile:

Google “Grove Bags” read their technic for drying and curing. Great idea and works great. Also read about the moisture meter use.

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