So scared to find out... but.... is the a male female or both?

As this is my only plant I am terrified it could turn out to be male and convincing myself other wise. Or a both. But I see little baby pods I just notice but then see a white hair in the leaves in between but it is only white hair I see. Don’t have magnifying glass so can’t see to close. Please kindly tell me what do I have here. Am I convincing myself otherwise or is this male? Or to soon. They just poped up.

Or new growth?

I’m not seeing anything that screams male. It’s a bit early. Give it another week.

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@Drinkslinger is on the money, you got a week, look for white pistols. You will know.

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Is this a male? Or a female? If you can tell, then it will be the same for all cannabis plants. When you see a cluster of nodules then its either a male or a hermie.

Are these white pistols???

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why yes they are congratulations :clap:

Ahhhhh I’m so excited first time grower and the amount of work I put into this plant I prayed she’d be a girl lol. She is the only one that sprouted out of 9 seeds. Don’t know what kind but for a outside plant she’s been work and know it will only be more work when flowering. Any advice that will make it go smoothly?

You aint outta the woods yet! The round blobs in the crotch below that is suspicious? Keep an eye on that!


Ok I will thank u! Will keep u updated.

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Updated on the bulb in the crotch.