So now what do I do?

@Myfriendis410 @merlin44 @dbrn32 @SlowOldGuy So my plants, sour d, are in between 9 and 10 weeks of flower stage. Both germinated at same time, same amount of veg time, same amount of flower. Here is my problem. One plant is ready to harvest, cloudy, clear , and amber trichs, all pistils orange. The other plant is probably two weeks from being ready. They are receiving equal light, same feed and water schedule. Both growing thru screen with lots of bud sites.
How do you put one into 48 hours of dark, before chop, when one is still in 12/12? Already did flush on the plant that is ready.

Put the one that is ready to harvest into a closet, or any room that you can keep completely dark for 2 days.

I could cut the screen and do that I guess. I’ve learned a lesson on letting both plants grow thru the same screen. I apparently won’t that make that mistake twice. Live and learn, lol. I did read on here a few days ago someone recommending to use seperate screens for each plant. At the time when I read that I thought what is that person talking about, what a waste of time, material, labor. Lesson learned.


As you suggest, cut the screen so you can remove the plant that is ready. At this point, all the screen is doing is providing support. You should support the remaining plant though.
I actually have my SCROGs on casters for each plant so I can rotate them and remove them individually when they are ready.

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Don’t worry about putting one in dark for 48 hours. Just take it out for harvest right as lights come on and let the other finish up.


I keep telling people. Sometimes they listen lol. Likely it was me.

This is what I would do too. The darkness is simply to make sure all nutrient transport back to the roots has happened. You might lollipop her before her last night though; that would reduce available salts as well.

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I’ve already started lollipop her. I could still cut the screen away and put her in the dark if I need to. I can do whatever you experts, in my opinion, recommend.

The buds are entirely too big to remove from screen. I will have to cut screen or harvest.

And to all who have been so very helpfull. @dbrn32 @merlin44 @Myfriendis410. Thankyou thankyou thankyou. I know I didn’t start a grow journal like most peeps on this site, but you folks have been a godsend with your knowledge and help. I have had a blast doing my first grow! I have been so lucky on being successful, but I can only attribute this grow to everything I’ve read on this website. If it weren’t for folks like you this website wouldn’t be such a success.
Unfortunately I am not finished picking your brains on this grow. I still need help on storing this bud. I also would like specifics on lighting for a much larger grow in the future, dbrn32? Lol


How big? Assuming you want to build, or just looking for recommendation?

Best thing is to read the guide on drying and curing. There are a ton of ways to do it based on your locale and ambient conditions. Pick up some Boveda packs (62%) to go in Mason jars, which can be had at Wal Mart for the best price.

And pick our brains, such as they are.

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I didn’t know Walmart had boveda packs. Thought I would have to go to local grow store.
Yes am building. Basically a 12’ X 32’ foot structure. I want a diy lighting system. Getting ready to pour concrete slab, have 200 amp electric service, water, natural gas. Am looking at a mini split AC system because of heat and humidity in the summer. @dbrn32


Assuming the entire structure won’t have all the same lighting needs. Do you have flower and veg spaces figured out?

As far as I know, they don’t. I was talking about the Mason Jars lol.

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Lol, yes I have the mason jars. @Myfriendis410

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No I don’t have the flower and veg spaces worked out. Was hoping for some expert advice. I am assuming two 16 foot rooms. One veg, one flower. But I am open to any and all suggestions. I doubt you remember but I currently have only one electric Sky 300. I am assuming two 16’ long shelves with a 10’ shelf at the end of the flower room. Maybe building eight 4’ light fixtures to cover the needs for two 16’ shelves and one 2’ to 3’ light unit for the 10’ shelf. U shaped.

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Some things to consider: flowering space takes up more room than veg space. (plants are bigger). Having a space for cloning and germination is good. Having a place to dry and cure with a workstation for trimming is also good. I would not divide your space up equally because the demands at different times are not equal.

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that got me too.!! LOL
boveda at wal-mart.??? huh.! lol

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2x 16’x12’ rooms in a 12’x32’ building,
do u have somewhere else to transplant, dry, and manicure a chit ton of plants/bud.?
nutrient solution storage.?

just at a glance, i’d start looking at a 12x12 room for flower and a 12x12 area for veg, that should give u a 7-8’ x 8-9’ area for processing.
3x 2’x12’ shelves in the bloom room, one running down each wall and one run down the middle.!

your veg area could be smaller then the bloom room,
u can use multi-level shelving with ‘low’ light LED tubes or T-8 floro,
this would maximize your veg area with a small foot print in the building.!!
then u could make a 12x16 for flower and maybe have more working room.!

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Here is a couple of good reads for you :sunglasses::facepunch:

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