So now i know my temps its on to fan controllers!?!


Cheers @Countryboyjvd1971!

Got 2 admit Ive been waiting for u 2 pop up n tell me how stupid my comment bout blowing thru filters was after @bob31 said ur the HVAC expert!
Nice 2 know i was talking sense!

Ive decided that for my extraction Im gona use 4" plastic pipe elbow (rather than a right angle as this should cause less air resistance meaning less noise?!?) coming out the top of my tent into a straight short length of 4" plastic pipe connected to a 4" fan directly connected to my filter
N for my air intake Im gona go passive n use a straight length of 3" or 2" plastic pipe going from tent to soffit (tents in attic)
Hopefully Im right thinking solid plastic pipe will be quieter than flexible ducting?!?
Couple this with the fan Im getting which has a sound level of 24db n hopefully everything will b as quiet as can b?!?

Sound ok to you?!?


Your planing on blowing into your filter @man10101?
You can do it that way I always pull through my filters though


Yeah i know its not the norm but im trying to save as much space in my tent as pos due to its small size n low height (80 cm X 80 cm X 160 cm)

Wish i had room for a bigger tent but its all i cud fit in the attic!


I understand
It will work in that direction too just put a prefilter on intake side to prevent clogging of filter from inside out


Yeah ive learnt that you def need a pre filter to prolong the life of the filter

Have seen YouTube vid of pre filter cut down so it rolls up n fits inside the filter

Was thinking bout having mine over the end of the pipe like that goes into the tent like @bob31 to make it easier to remove / clean / replace
Should b a lot easier than taking the filter n fan apart to get to it!


Yeah Anything that makes maintenance easier I’m all for
You sound like your on top of things then bro
I’ll be around should you need anything just tag me
Peace :v:️ CB


My experience with Vivosun…

Less than 2 months in, the filter was totally clogged and needed to be replaced. I attribute that to my humidifier putting out dust, however, their pre-filter is junk and let’s too much through. My new filter (another brand) is considerably better.

3.5 months in, the motor started to make a wobbling and squeeling sound. Had to keep it running because I couldn’t shut it down. The other day I emailed them and they sent a replacement no questions asked. Good customer service.

Replacement (can you spot the problem?)

So, not sure I’ll be buying their brand again. I suppose it depends on the response I get today on the replacement. Good customer service but quality?


Looks off center to me bro that could be a problem down the road :flushed:


Doesn’t even spin!



That’s one sad motor.

You thinking dropping it could cause that?


That sucks I’m sure they will make it right bro but dam you didn’t even use it lol
Maybe the ups guy is mad at you and kicked it off the truck hahahaha


I think you might have it @Countryboyjvd1971


I had a generator show up like that once looked like they pushed it off truck whole frame was racked a few degrees ?


Hi @Countryboyjvd1971!

Hows u?!?

Well its been a while but my fan n filter have arrived so ive now got a question for you (blame @bob31 for telling me ur his hvac go to guy!)

The fan i got was the envirovent silent mv 160/100s

Its the one you looked at on my “Please check my numbers before i buy first fan!” post

Now my question is how do you connect it to a speed controller?!?

The installation instructions shows it being wired directly into a variable speed controller (or REB as the instructions call it?!?) but all the fan controllers ive seen have plug sockets for the fans to be plugged in to?

So does this fan need a certain type of controller that it can be wired into or do i simply attach a plug on the end?!?

The instructions are here for you to look thru

Thanks for reading!!


looka like you would follow first wiring diagram to me I believe that’s your motor right ?


Hi Countryboyjvd1971!

Yeah that’s my motor
Thanks for the help!


No problem if I can assist further let me know


Will do and thanks again!


Awesome option!